Kagame Sought to Punish Uganda By Denying it Rwanda Export Market

By David Himbara

Uganda Built a Larger Market in DR Congo, Which Has Replaced Kenya As the Top Destination for Ugandan Exports

General Paul Kagame closed the Rwanda-Uganda in March 2019 supposedly to punish Uganda for harbouring anti-Rwanda elements.

By denying Uganda the Rwandan market, Kagame hoped to bring Uganda to its knees due to the lost Rwandan export market.

Before the border closure, Uganda’s top export market was Kenya at US$580 million, followed by the United Arab Emirates, US$562 million; South Sudan, US$356 million; Rwanda at US$212 million; and DRC, US$204 million. Fast forward to 2022 – DRC has replaced Kenya as the top destination for Ugandan products.

It is reported that for the month of January 2022, “Uganda’s exports to DR Congo jumped to US $74.3 million compared to Kenya’s US$40.9 million, which has for years been Uganda’s largest export destination in EAC and Comesa trading blocs.”

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