Kagame’s New Mega Project: US$1.4 Billion Driverless Transport System for the Capital City of Kigali

By David Himbara

Kigali Automated Transit Network concept (top photo) and the map of the network (bottom).

General Paul Kagame’s latest dream project is a driverless automated transit system for the capital city of Kigali. The vehicles will hang from the wheels above as in a cable car, each vehicle seating up to six passengers. The Kagame government has partnered with Vuba Corporation, which will build the 66 kilometres network with 98 stations stretching across the city of Kigali. The project aims to attract significant ridership volumes from cars and motos, sharply reduce traffic congestion, while providing safe, cleaner, and affordable on-demand non-stop service. Regarding the financing, CC Equity Holdings Ltd based in Abu Dhabi indicated to Vuba Corporation on September 19, 2020, that it was interested in providing the capital to the amount of US$1.4 billion. CC Equity Holdings Ltd further indicated that approval for the US$1.4 billion would require a minimum of 30 percent guarantee commitment from the Rwandan government. Vuba Corporation is based in the US with a significant number of Rwandans in its team. Paul Klahn from Colorado, USA is the founder and CEO of the company. Rwandans on Vuba’s team include Phionah Nyangoma, the co-founder; Valens Munyabagisha who formerly served as Rwandan Ambassador to Canada; Irene Iradukunda, Vuba’s business developer; Lyliane Nyirarukundo, director of ICT; and Joel Ndatimana, transportation data analyst. Will Kagame’s latest grand dream project take off? What about the debt implications as Rwanda’s indebtedness approaches 80 percent of the GDP? Stay tuned.