Nyiramongi Is Back – Big Time


By LB, Kigali, Rwanda, 20 October 2016

Dear David Himbara, why did you abandon the Nyiramongi story prematurely? The drama is continuing.

As you showed in your earlier posts, Nyiramongi did indeed fall out of favour. She was banished to her mother’s home during the time she vanished from the public view.

Her banishment had to with looting of funds and her affairs with former Kagame ambassador to the UN, Eugene Gasana. Gasana abandoned ship and fled into exile.

When Nyiramongi reappeared in the public (lower photograph) she really was in a terrible shape. But Kagame soon realized that he couldn’t do without her. In the past decade she became Rwanda’s Vice President by default. Kagame has no one else to be the second in command.

And so Kagame had to bite the bullet and fully rehabilitate Nyiramongi. The lady is back in the saddle as the most powerful soul in the land besides her husband.

Look at the top photograph attached here showing Nyiramongi enjoying Kigali fashion show. We see in the photograph, Valentine Rugwabiza who was the Minister in the Ministry of East African Community since 2014. A year earlier she was both a minister and CEO of Rwanda Development Board.

Rugwabiza is Nyiramongi’s biggest crony. Rugwabiza is now headed for New York to replace the disgraced Gasana. This is further evidence that Nyiramongi can still influence her husband’s regime. Nyiramongi lost Binagwaho, but she now retains Rugwabiza is a highly strategic position in New York, where she will look after the Kagame children and wheel and deal in USA.

Don’t count Nyiramongi out. She is back. The two photographs here tell you the story. In one piece she looks finished. In the recent one the lady is on top of the world.