Forget Death Threats – Deal With Issues

Four days ago, I received a warning that Rwanda “has deployed in Toronto” to wipe me out if I “don’t shut up.” The messenger delivered his deadly message to my sister who dutifully relayed it to me.

Whether the message came from Kigali, or the messenger is a self-appointed death enthusiast, seeking approval from the Rwandan regime, we cannot know for sure.

My unsolicited advice to both the regime and the death messenger is this – threats are counterproductive. Pens and laptop mice cannot be silenced. Eliminate one and a thousand emerge. So don’t waste your time.

Rather, focus your attention on real problems facing you. Begin with the falling currency and the causes. So far this year you have imported goods worth US$1.3 billion versus US$360 million of exports. You are expecting US$1 billion of aid to bail you out.

So chief, you have enough to worry about…Put aside threats.

David Himbara