Protect Yourself from Dangerous UV Rays!

As “God”, the central star of our planetary system had many names in the past: the ancient Egyptians called the sun “Ra”, the Greeks and Romans worshiped the glowing ball in the firmament as “Helios” and “Sol”. It is a source of energy for our earth. All life depends on the warming rays of the sun.

But the sun also has dark sides: Anyone who comes too close to the embers will burn. Their ultraviolet rays – called UV rays – can cause cancer. UV rays damage the human genome. Those who “roast” too long in the sun have the appearance of a dried-up Egyptian grave object in old age. The skin is tough like leather and wrinkled. Connective tissue damage, dehydration and pigment spots make sunbathers look old faster.

It damages not only the skin, but also the eyes! Unprotected, sun exposure, they burn and hurt, tear, or become very dry. Long and intensive irradiation of the eyes can lead to inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva. If you consider the worst scenario, the retinal cells of the eye are killed, and the lens of the eye becomes hazy, resulting in cataracts, which raises the risk of eye cancer. Wear sunglasses with UV protection to safeguard your eyes!

UV radiation without sunglasses

The earth’s atmosphere absorbs practically all UV-C light, but dangerous UV-B and UV-A radiation penetrates the human eye. For instance, Tom Ford Sunglass lenses filter out visible light – check out all models of Tom Ford Sunglass here, It makes it easier to see in bright sunlight protection. Check to see whether your sunglasses provide UV protection! All Pretavoir sunglasses have guaranteed UV protection: it prevents harmful and dreadful UV-A and UV-B radiation from against your eyes.

UV protection is a must!

Good sunglasses with guaranteed UV protection are a must. Because up to 90 percent of the radiation arrives even in the shade. Reflections on the water, on the sandy beach or as a reflection on light-colored paper when reading outdoors can even increase the exposure by up to 70 percent. Even when the sky is cloudy, the radiation intensity should not be underestimated.

The harmful radiation dose is particularly intense in high mountains and on sea beaches. Snow and water surfaces increase the effect of sunlight many times over. On sunny days and in southern regions, you should always wear good sunglasses even in the shade.

Sunglasses with UV protection for your prescription: Pretavoir

In addition to the guaranteed UV protection, you should always pay attention to the correct filter category when buying sunglasses! The filter category describes the intensity of the tint of the lens. Your optician at the nearest branch will be happy to advise you on filter categories and UV protection. Did you know that solar radiation is more intense in the south than in the north? Pretavoir recommends special sunglasses lenses with higher UV-400 protection for your trip to the south.

Caution! Dark glasses do not automatically protect against UV rays!

The color of the glass has nothing to do with UV protection. The intensity of the tint color only determines the glare protection. Let your optician advise you on UV protection and the selection of the filter category.