The Chairman of Rwanda National Congress in Africa Mr Frank Ntwali survived an assassination attempt

Mr Frank Ntwali, the President of Rwanda National Congress (RNC) in Africa, a Rwandan opposition party was stabbed by three unidentified assailants near OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg South Africa.

Mr Frank Ntwali is also the brother in law of General Kayumba Nyamwasa, former Chief of Staff of the Rwandan army who fled to South Africa. Nyamwasa has also escaped death two years ago after several assassination attempts including one that left him with a bullet in the spine.

According to Mr Gihana Kennedy, Secretary General of the party in South Africa, Ntwali was attacked by three people posing as police officers, they followed Ntwali’s car, before signing the driver to stop. They asked the victim if he was Frank Ntwali before to immobilize him and start stabbing. They did not steal anything. Police began investigations, no suspect has been arrested.

When Mr Kennedy Gihana spoke to the BBC Kinyarwanda service, Mr Frank Ntwali was in intensive care. But he was able to talk to Kennedy Gihana. He was wounded in the back, shoulders, thighs and lower abdomen near the kidneys, and he presented a trauma.

Rwanda National Congress (RNC) released a statement, calling its members to continue the fight against the dictatorial regime of Paul Kagame and not to be intimidated. The statement ensures that further details will be communicated as soon as there are new developments in the ongoing investigations.

Marc Matabaro


  1. But they said they said they will remove Kagame from office peacefully!Let us wait and see whether they will be able with bullets in the spine and damaged kidneys…..we can only sympathize with them….Kagame may have discovered that these fellows are only cowards on the run…..

  2. Kagame yashyizwe ku butegetsi n’amasasu azabukurwaho nayo!Ibi byereke abanyarwanda ko uwicishije inkota ariyo azazira nkuko biblia ibivuga! mu myaka ishize abahutu benshi bishwe ku mabwiriza y’aba batutsi bariho bahigwa bukware uyu munsi!Ibi byose byagombye kubera isomo icyitwa umunyarwanda aho ava akagera.

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