The defunct Intertoto Cup

The Intertoto Cup was a European football tournament that was played during the summer months between 1961 and 2008. It is now possible to find online sports betting for everyone – offers the best experience for wagering on all these great competitions.

The competition was created for teams that did not qualify for the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League). They were given a chance to compete in a European tournament. That’s why at some moment this competition was called the “cup for the cupless”. The 1xBet platform offers online sports betting for everyone, where everybody can make wagers on the most important competitions.

It was initially organized by the French newspaper L’Equipe and was later taken over by UEFA in 1995.

Varying formats

The format of the Intertoto Cup changed several times over the years. Initially, it was a straight knockout competition, with teams from different countries drawn against each other. Punters can get the bookmaker 1xBet app apk download and use it to wager on the best European football teams.

However, in 1995, the format was changed to include three rounds of group matches, with the winners of each group qualifying for the UEFA Cup. This format was used until the competition was discontinued in 2008. In other words, those who performed well in this tournament could get a chance to play in a major competition. You can download the apk of the app of the 1xBet bookmaker now, and use it to win by wagering on the best football tournaments.

A competition seen as a friendly tournament

The Intertoto Cup was not a highly prestigious tournament. Many of the teams that played in it did so as a way to give their players match practice before the start of the domestic season. However, several high-profile teams did take part in the tournament. The most rewarding football online betting is on 1xBet site, and punters can always enjoy its chances to win great rewards.

Some of the most important squads that took part on this tournament were:

  • Juventus;
  • Bordeaux;
  • and Aston Villa.

One of the most notable aspects of the Intertoto Cup was the fact that it was not always clear which teams would be playing in it until shortly before the tournament began. This was because teams that had originally entered the UEFA Cup or Champions League could be relegated to the Intertoto Cup. This happened if they failed to progress through the early stages of those tournaments.

The Intertoto Cup was discontinued after the 2008 edition, when UEFA reorganized the structure of European club football. Punters can spend time on the 1xBet site, which is the best place to make online football betting on these competitions.