The younger generations are known as generation Z, which has shown the level of adaptation they can have with the development of technology that can reduce crypto trading risk to financial stability and digital tools they are using for transactions.

They are considered the digital youth whose ability to adapt and adopt the various platforms, concepts, and proposals that the internet brings and everything related to digital.

The personality of this generation makes them want to achieve projects easily, quickly, and efficiently, which for many could be self-centered; it simply is not; they are born entrepreneurs whose desire to excel is achieved by eliminating social prejudices.

It could be said that these people will be the ones to adapt society towards global digitization, where processes are simplified through their automation, which is why cryptocurrencies are pretty comfortable for them when making decisions regarding digital financial investments.

Of the general population in the world, there are still many people who have remained anchored in traditional jobs and operations of finance and the economy and labor market, to which the idea that cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the future does not find it very attractive.

Relationship of this generation with cryptocurrencies

In generation Z, digital currencies such as Bitcoin are trendy since they have been adapting to the development of the ecosystem offered by blockchain and the various tokens.

The massive adoption of cryptocurrencies will be in the hands of millennials since they were born in the technological age, where existing resources such as decentralized finance capture their attention and make a traditional financial market something different by digitizing.

Its ideology is based on the suggestions of some experts that as long as you start investing at an early age, the profit results will be diversified since you acquire more experience in the digital financial market, guaranteeing a whole life in the medium term.

The new investment platforms are the biggest attraction for these young people since they have already become accustomed to handling electronic wallets instead of traditional banks since they do not trust conventional financial institutions as controlling entities.

What are the main attractions of cryptocurrencies?

Many people have become millionaires simply by investing in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. So without a doubt, this idea is quite attractive to many.

Let’s evaluate the most relevant aspects of digital currencies. First, we find ourselves before a decentralized platform, where operations are carried out directly between participants without third parties (financial institutions) intermediation.

On the other hand, we find the possibility of making transactions from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For any amount, there is no daily limit per transaction.

Cryptocurrencies offer various ways to generate income, including cryptographic investments and mining; both processes are profitable for anyone who wants to start in this digital financial market.

Surveys have shown that young investors between 18 and 37years old prefer cryptocurrencies as a haven of value assets.

Digital currencies have many characteristics that make them unique and attractive despite their volatility and the level of risk that investments represent.

More than 80% of millennials who are millionaires have investments in cryptocurrencies.

The new investment platforms

We are clear that technology has created not only this new decentralized finance option but also a set of applications that are pretty friendly with the crypto ecosystem and that fit millennials like a glove.

The applications currently marking a before and after of crypto investments are under the command of eToro, Robinhood, and Revolut.

During the pandemic, there were many opportunities to find the perfect job, business, or generate profitable income that could be promoted even from home.

There, cryptocurrencies took the greatest strength and positioned themselves firmly among millennial users, making the digital financial market today run mainly by young people.


The platforms and tokens users choose are their sole and exclusive selection since several tutorials and expert suggestions allow them to identify the path that must be followed in a different financial market loaded with new opportunities.