A new trend without precedent in the nation of Egypt, the highest entity in charge of Health Care, pronounced recently on implementing and using the new metaverse technology to encourage medical tourism in the country. You must have observed the other articles that talk about Becoming Wealthy in Bitcoin using the same technology.

With this concept, customers worldwide are offered an unparalleled experience in tours and income to health centers, innovating and strengthening tourism, and providing development and maintenance to the national economy.

In Egypt, tourism is one of the most important sources of income for the nation; this was exposed more during the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine and during the time of impact the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused The Egyptian government will focus on pursuing alternatives and strategies to promote and develop tourism and recover the losses suffered in recent years.

The health sector representative, Ahmed el-Sobky, spoke about the activation of 3D virtual reality technology in that nation to start the authority’s project based on the development of medical tourism, known as We take care of you in Egypt. 

The metaverse is a new world with expectations for all types of travelers

The launch and application of Metaverse technology, as a means to develop the project based on medical tourism, offers a unique experience aimed at the world’s traveling population.

Sobey announced that the metaverse facilitates guided visits to health institutions registered with the authority in government entities, in which health insurance is comprehensive, in addition to offering a global tour in the virtual environment, making use of 3D virtual reality technology to present the capabilities of these facilities.

It is presumed that this 3D reality metaverse technology is the reward of the authority’s efforts and its desire to develop and offer digital and intelligent services, which are up to the social development of Egypt.

The goal is to prepare the path to reach an intelligent future with various virtual services that cover all user expectations and promote the good use of time and dedication to this project.

The development of this project is following the goals and strategies proposed by the authority to modernize services based on the digital world and artificial intelligence, thus seeking better performance in the leaders of the generalized medical care environment and achieving its goal of providing a pattern of medical care of absolute efficiency and internationally certified quality in the mysterious country of the east, Egypt.

Modern technological means for the growth of medical tourism

Implementing this type of technology based on the offer of virtual services leads to fulfilling the objectives for growth and development of sustainable health; by the year 2030 in Egypt, this modern digital technology will generate positive effects in the work of the sector based on health care.

The technology of the metaverse represents an advance associated with a global artificial intelligence service and additional refinements to the reference of achievements of the authority, where the implementation of the current and most sophisticated technological means to encourage and exchange medical tourism is profitable and ratifies the degree of intelligence of the government, regarding the different parts of the country and hospital and medical tourism that most nations in the world lack.

This technological tourism model would capture the attention of many tourists who would like to learn about this system and visit Egypt, strengthening tourism and strengthening the national economy’s development.


Modern technology, including virtual reality, is a striking invention that has emerged recently, which offers the possibility of seeing the world from another surreal point of view.

The metaverse is the project that guarantees the total evolution of the activities and processes carried out by humanity. This world allows you to perform whatever you want, and the best thing is that you get profits and rewards for it.

The metaverse has a place and application in all imaginable areas, as could already be seen in the field of health, it promises to achieve many benefits for users of medical centers, especially for the tourist population, for now only in Egypt, but it will be extended to nations that they do not refuse to implement this type of technological modernism.

Thanks to the modernization and digitization of processes, the world is becoming a space where the daily functions of life are becoming easier.