The problem in Rwanda is not President Paul Kagame – the problem is us Rwandans

Let us revisit Joseph de Maistre’s famous statement that “Every country has the government it deserves (Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite”) written way back on 15 August 1811.

Rwandans inside and outside Rwanda must accept that we get regimes we deserve.

You may say that you had nothing to do with bringing the current one to power, and that therefore you don’t deserve it. But the Rwandan character of conformity, blind obedience, and fear of authority is the mother of the problem.

As we all know conformity in Rwandan culture runs very deep. In Rwandan history, from Rwabugiri era, Kanjogera, Musinga, Rudahingwa, Kayibanda, Habyarimana, and Kagame, every Rwandan obeys powerholders as if they were gods. Rwandan people worship, obey, and fear power than even our cousins next door in Burundi if you realize how they dare debate issues that are taboo in Rwanda.

By coincidence there were recently demonstrations in Rwanda and Burkina Faso.

In the Rwandan demonstrations, Kagame regime simply rounded people, and like zombies, they matched on the streets to denounce a BBC documentary they probably had not even watched.

In Burkina Faso, citizens stopped a regime to carry out a constitutional coup d’etat by changing the constitution that would have allowed a dictator to hold onto power.

Meanwhile Rwandans, even those overseas, are hiding under their beds fearful of the dictatorship in their homeland hoping and waiting for a miracle to end the regime in Kigali.

And you wonder why nations get rulers they deserve! All of us look in the mirror and whisper to yourself what you see…….

Dr David Himbara