Why President Paul Kagame’s visit to Indonesia should worry even his sycophants

From South Korea, where he arrived after his long travels that begun way back on 18 August 2014, Kagame landed in Indonesia, and held only one meeting there on 31 Oct 2014. What is strange about his visit in Indonesia?

1) Kagame was not even accorded respect of a head of state. He was not received by the President of Indonesia. Kagame was received by the Vice President of Indonesia.

2) Kagame did not have any delegation – beyond his guards.

3) Kagame trip was not reported by his newspaper, the New Times.

Questions: is the president running away from something we do not know? Why does he not have a few policymakers with him for strategic follow-ups? The Indonesian newspapers reported that Vice President Jusuf Kalla held only “a closed meeting with Rwandan President Paul Kagame.”

Dont these things sound creepy – a head of state visiting another country to have a closed meeting?

If none of these things worry even Kagame sycophants, I can’t imagine what will. I am betting that there is so fundamentally wrong.

Dr David Himbara