The role of Mubalaka Edward in the disappearance of Joseph Harelimana

By The Rwandan Analyst

Joseph Harelimana was recently illustrated by imitating the angelic voice of the late Kizito Mihigo and singing his various songs; hearing him was pushing people to think that Kizito Mihigo was resurrected. The regime of RPF was not probably pleased by this phenomenon which was raising up the remembrance of the gospel star and may have decided to eliminate him too. The present article assesses the role which may have been played by a certain Edward Mubalaka.

The lines below establish various characteristics of the named Edward Mubalaka to assess the probabilities linking him with the disappearance of the singer Joseph Harelimana.

A famous crook

Edward Mubalaka has been many times detained and even imprisoned to have committed swindling. He was often involved in committing grivellery whereby he had taken assets in supermarkets; in bars and did not pay; use of bounced cheques to get money; worse, he often committed forgery by selling immovables by exhibiting to buyers UPI manufactured at Biryogo a sadly illustrated area of Kigali city inhabited by forgers of conduct licenses; false degrees and transcripts; identity cards; certificates and other types of documents. He was succeeding to get at least ¼ of the agreed price and disappeared cutting off all communication tools; it is when the new buyers were proceeding to mutation formality that the real owners were identified and police succeeded to catch him.

He may use his malicious maneuvers in even other business such as getting loans from banks on forged documents on alleged immovable securities; attracting beautiful girls and women promising them to make them rich and having sex with them; getting cash from jobless young people promising them to recruit them in his enterprises; 

The Kigali regime agent.

In 2016, he declared on media that there was no concern to kill political opponents to the Kigali regime. Besides, he has been heading sessions during genocide remembrance in the Kicukiro cell where he resides to insinuate that he is a regular citizens part of local opinion leaders and was never heard criticizing the RPF regime. He allegedly describes himself as a retired major of RDF and pleases to speak ruganda language seemingly to establish that he has been there for longtime during the struggle and that he was born there.

The latent liability of Edward Mubalaka

Edward declared himself that he was the manager of that Joseph Harelimana for his intellectual property rights. However, the extent of opportunism and materialism of Mubalaka Edward allows everybody to think it is him the very murder or the accomplice in the unexpected death of Joseph Harelimana or disappearance as in the interview he had granted to Umurabyo of Agnes Nkusi Uwimana he declared being proud of being appointed as the regime informer or spy to imply that it was for him what may eventually request the rwandan authorities against the singer especially since he had the chance to access him being his manager.   

Indeed, even if apparently Mubalaka Edward seems very kind vis-a-vis the public in general and his neighbors in particular, offences he has been convicted for sufficiently prove that he is a professional economic criminal and this excessive cupidity characterizing him cannot prevent him from criminal acts provided that he gets money.

Besides, if he is really the regime agent, he is consequently trained to carry out the tasks he is required to implement in the interest of his superiors especially if he is truly a former senior officer of RDF.

Liability as manager  

The disappeared Joseph Harelimana was passing his messages on Mutware TV and part of basic catholic community called Kizito Mihigo; worse, he had started an initiative of perpetuating the name of the late Kizito Mihigo by imitating his voice and with that talent singing his songs. As the Kigali regime is suspected of having plotted and executed the assassination of the famous gospel singer, the resurgence of his songs can awaken in the Rwandan public the sorrow of his death and contribute to upraise them against the regime. Therefore, those practices of Joseph Harelimana were de facto constituting an unforgivable crime; subjugating him to courts would not be preferable than physically eliminating him and thus muzzling him once for all. Fortunately for them, as Mubalaka Edward was his manager and strong partisan of RPF regime, he was ready to to offer his head to them on a platter; which of course he did.

if the eventual prosecution is openable to know where was brought this innocent singer, Mubalaka Edward may be among people to question as far as criminal liability is concerned. 

In Rwanda, the disappearance of opponents to the power is a current practice which often results in the death of the victims or the torture followed by their release. Then the latter after having recovered from the traumatism the get from there, unveil what they underwent there especially revealing that a big number of their colleagues were savagely killed. The reason why Joseph Harelimana and Bahati Innocent are either still under torture in transit centers or already assassinated. Time will tell.