What should I do if I was scammed by a McGregor Trade broker?

If you were dealing with the McGregor Trade and lost your money, we have a way to recover it

What is a broker McGregor Trade?

McGregor Trade is an online trading brokerage from the Marshall Islands. We have no information on the company owner, only the alleged VFSC regulation. If the broker is in the Marshall Islands, why would it opt for Vanuatu regulation? Oh, wait, because it’s cheaper. For $2,000, you are getting a paper that means absolutely nothing. Clients have no compensation fund and cannot get money back from VFSC in case of a scam.

If you thought the only weird thing about McGregor Trade is their name, it’s not. Read this McGregor Trade review and find out how to get your hard-earned money back.

How can McGregor Trade take your money?

After explaining all the controversy related to McGregor Trade owner, headquarters, and the regulation, we believe you already see how easy it is for the company to conduct scams. Without a name behind the fraud, a client cannot sue. Without an actual office or a regulation, this broker can do practically anything. There were two websites the company owns – mcgregortrade.com and mcgregortrade24.com. However, both of these websites became inactive. After the company collected as much money as it could, it simply shut down websites. Since the broker is offshore and has no owner listed, clients stayed without their funds.

If you were a victim of the McGregor Trade scam, do not hesitate to report it!

McGregor Trade Warnings

One reason for the McGregor Trade broker to shut down websites and lay low with scamming is two official warnings issued against the company.

The first warning came from Austrian FMA that said the broker is providing services that require a license without having one. The FMA warned Austrian citizens to avoid this brokerage.

After a while, the same warning appeared on the website of the Italian CONSOB.

If you have been involved with McGregor Trade, you know why these warnings were issued.

What to do if you have already gotten into the hands of a scammer?

If you have already been scammed by McGregor Trade, we are here to help. Our chargeback experts have years of experience with scam brokerages. All you need to do is to file a complaint and request a chargeback. It’s your money-back solution!

For all the information about the chargeback procedure, submit your details in the form below. You will receive a call from our support department and schedule your free consultation with our experts at any suitable time. We are here to evaluate your case and help you out. Do not hesitate to report the scam immediately. Start the process and get back what’s rightfully yours!

Bear in mind that chargeback is a time-limited process. Stop waiting, and let’s get your money back now!