The rise of the cryptocurrency market has been something that cannot be denied considering that 2021 was a super excellent year, whereas 2022 was expected to be even better, but what were the specialists based on? For a secure trade, you can trust Le Site Officiel Français which is used by many trading professionals.

Indicators that point to 2022 as a good year for crypto assets, such as the development of metaverse platforms with NFTs, the generation of virtual items in video games on the blockchain, the massive sale of non-expendable works of art, and the inclusion of new forms of interaction on social networks with tokens.

Technical analysis pointing to changes

We can comment that Bitcoin enjoyed 2021, in which it broke several records, several experts hope that in the coming years selected from its contenders can increase in price and popularity and even surpass it.

The course that cryptocurrencies took in 2022 was not at all expected; quite complicated scenarios, not only from the digital financial perspective but also from the economic point of view of the world.

The primary consideration and analysis are that the bulls would continue to lead the market, but this began to change at the beginning of the year when the expected growth turned into a constant decline.

However, the video game sector remained a leader between the various crises in the global market and the ups and downs of the crypto market.

Bitcoin, the more speculation, the higher its price will be

All the analysts had a prediction in common: that Bitcoin would continue to increase in value, reaching six figures, establishing USD 50,000 as the base price, and going upwards from there.

Although there were also analysts who established the price of Bitcoin at $32,000, demonstrating a typical crypto-winter fall that would, in turn, become a side trend, leading the other digital currencies to touch much lower values than expected.

Because genuine value is created, people speculate, and everyone gets ahead of the truth. Finally, most analysts emphasized that they would not be surprised to see a change in the alternative market. That being said, there is real positive momentum.

Forecasting the future of a currency has become a challenge for experts and ordinary investors, where holding virtual events focused on cryptocurrencies to define possible trends is common.

The main topics are forecasts for the next few years, including altcoins which could develop massive growth.

Bitcoin sentiment is moving away from extreme fear, according to a popular metric for measuring cryptocurrency market sentiment, has moved away, as it was currently the most considerable precedent.

Due to the recent recession, the market experienced a significant drop in the rare area of the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index; they are responsible for analyzing various factors and, of course, making a general estimate on the sentiments of investors and traders.

What will be the cryptocurrencies with the most significant potential? On the other side of the coin is Ethereum, which has been Bitcoin’s direct business rival and is expected to increase its market capitalization from $500 million to around $700 million next year.

Its current price is around $1,200, and although it is worth less than ten times what a Bitcoin costs, Ethereum has close to half the market capitalization of Bitcoin, which is quite comparable with the rest of the market and followed by Solana and Polkadot.

They will bet on its scalability Noting that Polkadot is a popular cryptocurrency characterized by its interoperability on web 3.0 platforms and, finally, Cardano. Its main attraction is how its growth develops.

Many cryptocurrencies have emerged in recent years.


The significant change experts expect as a challenge is bitcoin’s loss to other small cryptocurrencies, allowing it to do something that it still needs to demonstrate.

Oppressing these are smart contracts and 100% crypto investment funds without intermediaries or better known as Defi.

This year was one more challenge for bitcoin, where maintaining and increasing its positive displacement has been the main objective; it is estimated that in 2023, the participation rate and entry of new users to digital markets will take a giant leap.