Kagame junta is not about to stop fooling themselves. Proof? A renown local musician ( Kizito Mihigo), a Tutsi survivor of the 1994 massacres is now accused of working with FDLR ( a Hutu armed group Kagame accuses of committing genocide in 1994 although almost all FDLR fighters are less than 25 years old). The local artist composed and sang what most Rwandans now call the ” National Reconciliation Anthem“.

Reign of terror:

Kagame runs the State pretty much the same way any brutal rebels fighter typically run their territories. It is a crime to voice dissenting views on any social political issue. Family members are set against one another, other, friends are set against each other. More than a ” state police”, Rwanda, under Kagame, is what Afghanistan was under the Taliban. Kagame has set Rwanda against all the neighboring countries. The Hitler of Africa has terrorized or attempted to terrorize all the neighboring countries; Congo ( DRC), Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda. Museveni of Uganda does not seem to care about Kagame’s acts of terrorism in Uganda because he needs his partner-in-crime ( Kagame) for his life president political survival. The Great Lakes Region in not safe either. Kagame has terrorized Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa. Most of Kagame’s terrorism in the region stems from kidnapping and assassinating Rwandan refuges that reside in the region. Kagame has no respect for other countries’ territorial inter gritty.

Kizito Mihigo’s song laid bear Kagame’s propaganda:

To ” consolidate” his reign of terror within Rwanda and the entire region, Kagame has made free expression of speech and opinion a crime. The Rwandan artist’s ONLY ” crime” is that he expressed his views on what Rwandans should for their reconciliation as a nation contrary to the current ” reconciliation” propaganda. Kizito Mihigo’s song did not go down well with Kagame junta because: first, for the first time since the 1994 massacres, a Tutsi survivor of the massacres was expressing discontent on reconciliation. Second, Kizito Mihigo is a member of Kagame’s RPF. A dissenting voice from a Tutsi survivor of genocide, from Kagame’s party is certainly another red flag for Kagame foreign friends who depend on propaganda.

The artist is a victim of Kagame’s straight jacket “crimes”:

In Kagame’s political survival paradigm, there are two straight jacket crimes. A Hutu who expresses his views, contrary to what Kagame orders, is accused of genocide. A Tutsi who seeks to express her views freely is accused of working with FDLR and ” terrorism”. It was not a surprise when Kizito Mihigo, a Tutsi, resurfaced during a set up ” press conference” confessing to have committed all the crimes he is accused of.

Disturbing questions:

(1) Why did Police produce the local artist to ” plead guilt” in a ” press conference”? Is it because there are no courts of law in which the ” accused” should have been charged and, if appropriate, plead guilty to the charges? Doesn’t raise a red flag that the accused – after having been abducted by police for days – resurfaces in a ” press conference” to ” confess” without a lawyer/ attorney?

(2) If FDLR committed genocide against the Tutsi, as Kagame’s propaganda mechanism puts it, how come that so many adult Tutsi survivors of genocide join FDLR, moreover crossing from Kagame’s RPF? Is Kagame telling lies about FDLR or he is telling lies about the Tutsi joining FDLR ?

(3) How many more innocent souls will Kagame kill or imprison before he realizes that his lies about everything – conciliation, peace and development, his own role in the massacres in Rwanda – are NOT sustainable?

Dr Charles Kambanda