HAhahah what is this again in our motherland? To the picture, Rick Warren is praising his best friends Paul Kagame. In what and what? Let us pick his (Rick Warren) quote:

“This week I am bringing over 100 leaders from 30 African nations as well as Russia, China, India and the US. I want them to see what is happening in this country and to see the growth, development and progress that has been made in both this nation and its churches as we prepare for the 2015 gathering.”

From R. Warren’s words, three key point have been emphasized: growth, development and Progress. R. warren is a wise man in sense that he knows all points that fool kagame with joy. But, Dear Pastor, do you really understand what is a growth, development and progress? Simply I understand your model of growth.

Dear Pastor, you talked about the growth but I failed to understand in which domain you referred to. Let assume that you referred to the growth hacking introduced by Sillicon Valley and now you are a current strategist in that matter in order to boost your revenues from a poor country like Rwanda. In addition, if you referred to economic growth, dear Pastor, I think that you’re aware that Rwandan private and public sectors are fully dominated by the ruling party FPR in its umbrella Crystal Venture Limited under direct control of your student Paul Kagame.

Development. Pastor R. Warren missed a point when praising Kagame with a word development. Dear pastor, talking about development you referred to what in Rwanda? Here you should focus on specific issues if not so, we know that many issues in rwanda are developing including fires, killings, putting in jails opponents, lies in statistics, etc. Dear Pastor, as one african singer point out : Please put a little love as a preacher

Peter Urayeneza