Rwanda National Congress: Statement on Kizito, Ntamuhanga and co-accused sentences

Rwanda National Congress (RNC) strongly condemns the sentences handed to Kizito Mihigo, Ntamuhanga Cassien and their co-accused. While Rwandan court found Mr. Kizito guilty on the crimes of formation of a criminal gang, conspiracy against the established government or the President of the Republic and conspiracy to murder, everyone knows that his only crime was a song he authored “The meaning of Death” that called for a true reconciliation for the people of Rwanda (Hutus and Tutsis).

It should also be noted that the court convicted Kizito and his co-accused without witnesses and/or evidences. The government relied on social media messages that could not be authenticated, but still convicted the accused on charges of collaborating with FDLR and RNC through text, what’s up, and skype messages.

RNC reminds the people of Rwanda and the International Community that, the most recent report by the UN expert (GoE), found no connection between the RNC and FDLR.

RNC takes this opportunity to remind the people of Rwanda and the International Community that it remains committed to advocating for Rwanda People’s rights and fight against injustice until everyone in Rwanda is free from oppression imposed upon them by the current RPF government.


Turayishimye Jean Paul

Spokesperson, RNC

TEL: 1508 335 8771