How to be a successful digital marketer in 2021

Google Adwords places your ad in the top field of the search ad. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your website. That sounds great so far, doesn’t it? But why is Adwords so expensive for small businesses? There can be many reasons for this: poor website quality, wrong keyword set or keywords that are too expensive.

Increase your quality factor through SEO

Good SEO increases the quality of your website, so you indirectly pay less for Adwords ads. Adwords works in a similar way to an auction, with one small difference. It is not the most willing bidder who gets the ad space, but the most willing one with the best relevance. Because the placement and the click price consists of two components: the bid price and the quality factor of the website. If you have a high Quality Score, you pay a lower price for your ad position. Because Google always acts in the interests of its users. The user has to get the best possible answer to his search query. To save costs on Google ads, do SEO on your website regularly.

Optimize your keyword set

Creating a successful keyword set takes a long time at the beginning of ad planning. Using tools such as Keyword Planner and Google Suggest, you can put together keyword sets quickly and easily. However, you should continuously readjust and replace poorly performing keywords. Negative keywords can get expensive for you. Negative search terms with spelling mistakes can also cost you money with the tool you can create lists of error variants in different languages. Keywords that are relevant for job seekers or information seekers also belong on the negative list, no conversions are to be expected here and they still cost money. Don’t forget to add keywords set on YouTube too. If you are not uploading content on YouTube and connecting dots with your website, then you are missing big time. Buy YouTube views when you upload content consistently and wait for a big time.

Bid with cheaper keywords

Expensive is not always profitable. In certain industries, the competition is so strong that click prices for the first ad position are more than 10 euros. The first position does not always promise the best return on investment. Information seekers are more likely to click on the first position, but they rarely buy. Potential customers search more intensively, compare and also consider lower positions. If you keep coming up against the preset budget limit, lower your click price slightly, but not the advertising time. Keep an eye on the development of clicks, conversions and impressions. Adjust the prices for the clicks until your budget is reached. This will give you more clicks for the same cost.