Kagame Writers Are Becoming Funnier

Kagame writers are writing crazy stuff. The latest is a piece titled ”David Himbara has no moral authority to lecture anyone on Rwanda’s politics.”

By David Himbara

The writing then goes on to claim that I demanded a salary for US$15,000 from the minister of public service Murekezi. Here is the exact language usedby one Dr Peter Mahirwe:

“Upon hearing this, Mr. Murekezi put a simple request to Himbara by asking him to bring any support document then he was going to do the rest. Because Himbara was cooking this story and knew very well that he did not have any conversation with President Kagame about this, there’s no way he was going to get the document. When things din’t works in Himbara’s favor, he chooses to blackmail Minister Murekezi. A reason among many as to why his bosses wouldn’t keep up working with such a smear character in the system that never wants to entertain any sort of corruption.”

Dear Kagame writers, evidently you are not too bright.

Records exist. All you have to do is to conduct a bit of research. You will discover that the projects I started in Rwanda, including Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU) were funded by the World Bank and the African Development Bank (AfDB). SPU’s senior positions were funded from these sources.

Kagame writers, look at this😂

Here is the AfDB project description of the position I held and the required qualifications.


The financial resources assigned to SPU were as follows:



What do we see here, Dr. Peter Mahirwe? Can you read? If these resources existed, why would I demand a salary from a minister? And by the way, how did I blackmail him? Did I have some dirt on him?😂 Come on, dude. Get real.

Dear Kagame writers, are unsustainable


Dr Peter Mahirwe, try a bit harder and become a better liar. But even then, lies are easy to investigate, corroborate and vet. As the saying goes, you can run with the lie. But you can’t hide from the truth. It will catch you.