Kagame’s Days As Donor Darling In US Over

By David Himbara


The nominee for the position of Assistant Secretary of State in President Donald Trump’s administration is Ambassador Tibor Nagy. His statements during the Senate confirmation hearing indicate that Nagy is solidly anti dictatorship. Here are two takeaways from his statements in the Senate confirmation hearing:

1. ”Some African leaders are perpetuating their rule through constitutional manipulation and increased repression.”

2. ”They [youth] are the future of Africa, not the dinosaurs who want to stay Presidents for Life immaterial of the harm they cause their own people.”

President Paul Kagame has been a US donor darling from the Bill Clinton administration through George W Bush to Barack Obama’s administration. Kagame could do no wrong. The game is changing. Now, the likely point man for Africa in the Donald Trump’s administration is talking an entirely different language — ”dinosaurs who manipulate constitutions to stay presidents for life.” The red carpet in Trump’s State Department is withdrawn from Kagame and other dinosaurs. No wonder Kagame is hunting for a new patron in Russia.