Kagame has actually broken Taylor’s record by arming 2 rebellions in 2 different countries

It’s very disturbing when you realise how hypocrite this world is. The United States of America and it’s allies have been on President Nkurunziza’s nerves trying to force him to talk with his opponents and trying to overthrow him by any means.

United Nations has released many documented reports about the involvement of Rwandan government in activities of arming and training rebels in DRC, now a new report has been released detailing how Rwanda has tried to overthrow Nkurunziza’s government by training Burundian refugees in Rwanda,

The UN released a document which they called Mapping Report showing how the clique in power in Rwanda killed deliberately thousands of hutus who were in a refugee camp.

British government has recorded cases where Rwandan government tried to sneak in the country to kill some Rwandan refugees.

South African courts of law confirmed that Rwandan government violated it’s sovereignty by sending it’s killing squad to kill some refugees who sought asylum in that country, and some diplomats were declared as persona non grata because of that.

Swedish government expelled a Rwandan diplomat who was involved in an attempt of assassinating a Rwandan journalist who lives in exile,

Now the question is, when is the International community gonna ask Paul Kagame to talk to his opponents?

How long are we going to keep on reading these horrific reports without seeing anything happening?

Do we (Rwandans) need to pick up arms so that the International community can open their eyes?

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor is serving a jail term in Hague for arming refugees in SierraL Leone and killed thousands of people.

Paul Kagame has actually broken Taylor’s record by arming 2 rebellions in 2 different countries that’s DRC and Burundi, but today Kagame is a free man and the International community is reacting as if nothing is happening!

The big question is about the end of all this mess! Should we expect to see justice happening fairly by bringing all these criminals and their allies to book? Let’s keep fingers crossed!!!!

Nelson Gatsimbazi