Paul Kagame – how Mandela passing confirmed that the Rwandan dictator is a global outcast

Why are Bashir, Kagame and their Eritrean counterpart not attending Madiba’s memorial? Because they are outcasts – lepers condemned to a leper’s colony.

The term outcast is defined as a person or animal that “is generally despised or avoided.” Put in another way, an outcast is person rejected or ostracized for unacceptable behavior, or character – a leper.

This is a fitting definition for Kagame. His brutality, divide & rule and property-grabbing at home, and warmongering in the region have turned him into quite liberally a pariah – shunned like leper by other leaders.

How has Madiba’s passing confirmed that Kagame is a global outcast?

Rwanda’s political outcast is not among global leaders attending Madiba’s farewell.

If at all he was invited, he sure did not pitch. Which is a good thing. Who would sit with him? All other African heads of state are attending Madiba’s memorial except the Sudanese, Eritrean – and of course the Rwandan dictator.

David Himbara


  1. you, a writer of this message , please listen to me. i am not a rwandan but here you are out of truth may you are defending your interests. how many african presidents who attended that service? Rwanda and Rwandans, it will not easy if you don’t stop your unnecessary conflicts. please reformulate your writings and write what is real

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