It is now Kagame Junta official position; the Hutu (of any age, social or official status) must apologize to the Tutsi for the genocide. This was imposed to the nation from a Cabinet and high government officials’ retreat, chaired by Paul Kagame.


  • Is the crime of genocide inherent in being a Hutu or like any crime liability for the crime of genocide is personal?
  • Kagame has been telling the world that there are no Hutu, Tutsi or Twa in Rwanda. He abolished national cards bearing people’s ethnic groups. Where did he get this list of the Hutu who must apologize to the Tutsi for the crime of genocide? I hope Paul Kagame’s friends, including President Bill Clinton and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair who have been promoting Paul Kagame, now realize how deceitful their buddy is!

Kagame’s deep seated hatred for the Hutu as a race is open to the world:

  • Paul Kagame is a “professional” at exterminated the Hutu like flies; he will always create a pretext for his evil intentions.
  • Paul Kagame, under his apartheid-like junta has excluded the Hutu from participating meaningfully in the country social, political and economic life. He has created a second class citizenry of the Hutu; with no rights and freedoms.
  • Kagame has killed the common consciousness of the Hutu; he has convinced the world that the Hutu alone are responsible for the genocide and other crimes of international concern in Rwanda. This is wrong. Some Tutsi, including Paul Kagame himself committed genocide and other crimes of international concern against the Hutu. True some Hutu committed genocide and other crimes of international concern against the Tutsi. As between the Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda, Paul Kagame is institutionalizing an “evil vs. holy” relationship between the Hutu and Tutsi. On the one hand the Hutu are inherently evil who must apologize to the Tutsi for the genocide and its consequences whether they were born before or after the genocide. On the other hand, you have the “Holy” Tutsi – who are inherently holy, innocent and victims of the Hutu – who will be receiving and accepting apology from the evil Hutu!
  • Kagame is currently subjecting the Hutu, especially in rural areas, to forcible vasectomy.
  • Over 95% of people languishing in prisons are Hutu.
  • A big number of the Hutu in Rwanda is subjected to forced labour under what is officially called (TIG); they provide free labor to “communities” and government for what? To compensate the Tutsi for the genocide and property destroyed during the genocide.
  • The Tutsi survivors and their relations have access to free education and health care.

Their Hutu counterparts who were the victims of the genocide and other crimes committed against some Tutsi are having no such opportunities. When you have a minority armed group subjecting over 84% of the entire population to these evils, you can only expect such a country to burst into horrific violence any time. Paul Kagame’s PR agents, including President Bill Clinton, stand warned! Dictatorship of the majority is as evil as minority dictatorship.

PhD Charles Kambanda
New York USA