Paul Kagame’s Regime Decimated Predeminantly Hutu Rwandan Communities Abroad

By Dr Innocent Justice

A Pro-government Rwanda Diaspora Global Network in Mali presenting a check to Girinka Initiative

On November 23, 2019 Gen. James Kabarebe offered a hate speech in which he told youths from theTutsis ethnic group about a threat “they face from young Hutus who are in exile!” Gen. Kabarebe shared with those youths how the regime did and is still doing everything to destroy, disrupt and dismantle any unity among Hutu communities in exile! He expressed how the regime was disappointed that young Hutus in exile are still excelling in schools despite the government’s effort to keep them down. When and how did this destruction of Hutu communities abroad began?

It was in 2001 when I was in Pretoria, South Africa! We had a vibrant and organized Rwandan Community! It was structured, we met on a regular basis, we socialized, we had rules about leadership succession and we contributed money to support anyone when there was any need! The Rwanda’s Embassy in Pretoria learned about our functional community that was predominantly made by Hutus who fled in 1994 and those of us who fled afterward! The embassy vowed to destroy our community and replaced it with a pro-regime community they named the Rwandan Diaspora, which became the Rwanda Diaspora Global Network!

Since the majority members of the Rwandan Community were Hutus, the regime used Hutus to dismantle the future and unity of their own. Ambassador Col. Dr. Joseph Karemera used a Hutu who relocated to South Africa in 1992 to work for the Rwandan Embassy during President Habyarimana’s regime. This man lost his job when the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) took over, but seven years later, he became instrumental in destroying the community of his own! As I write this article, he works for the embassy in Pretoria as a reward for destroying the community of his own! The embassy used so much resources and energy to dismantle our community because they knew that once there was a functioning community, Hutus would teach their children about their culture and where they came from. The regime feared that a community they did not control would be an incubation for teaching about patriotism and formation for future leaders who would challenge Kagame’s Dictatorship! The regime successfully destroyed Hutus communities and that was the birth of the Rwandan Diaspora Global Network we know today.

The destruction for functioning Rwanda Communities did not stop in South Africa! The regime dismantled other communities in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and throughout the Southern hemisphere! The regime crossed the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean to destroyed communities in Europe in cities like Brussels and in North America in cities like Dayton Ohio! This campaign reached any city or town where they were Hutus who were functional under a structured supportive community!

The Rwandan Diaspora became a global network, which spread the regime’s propaganda and collect millions of dollars to fund the regime’s agendas! The regime uses those funds to sponsor killing squads they send abroad to kill Rwandans who raise any dissenting voice against the regime! These killers, kill businessmen who refuse to pay monthly fees to support the regime like a case of a gentleman who was murdered in Malawi last month! It’s a sad story how Hutus in the Rwandan Diaspora fund assassination of their own kind! Since I showed you the problem I would like to propose a solution.

Those who know me well know that I don’t point out a problem without suggesting a solution! First, we need to reclaim what we lost! Resistance is imperative for our own survival and the future for our children! We need to rebuild our communities! Communities where the Rwandan Diaspora Network has taken roots we need to reach out to those who resisted to join the so called Diaspora that is funding assassination of our own people. Two families can start a community and extend it to more families! Start with social gatherings with the intention to socialize and teaching your children their language and culture!

Second, we need to teach our children whom they are and where their parents came from! People who do not know their history can never know whom they are and where they are going! This formation start at home and continues in a supportive community! It will be seen as two parallel communities, but that would be fine! We live in a pluralistic society! I am not suggesting that there should be any discrimination whatsoever, but be aware of those who would join you with an agenda to disrupt and destroy! Rwandan Diaspora Global Network and our reclaimed communities can coexist in peace and harmony even though we may have different visions and ideologies.

Third, in rebuilding our communities, when the Rwandan embassies host their discriminatory Genocide Commemorations, we will host our own which will not discriminate, but teach love, truth and Ubuntu! Slowly, but surely those who are blindly funding decimation for their own kind will come to their senses and they will join our communities. If nothing is done we need to prepare to be discriminated against, stigmatized and get ready to be assassinated whenever the regime wants to get rid of us!