RIB (The Rwanda Investigation Bureau) is a criminal gang fully led and controlled by General Kagame!

By Chance Bosco

It is crystal clear that RIB (The Rwanda Investigation Bureau) fully manipulated by H.E. Paul Kagame is a criminal gang. No one should feel uncertain about it; facts speak by themselves.

Let look at Kizito Mihigo’s case.

Who is Kizito Mihigo?

The organist and composer, Kizito Mihigo, was born Saturday, July 25th, 1981 at Kibeho, a sector of Nyaruguru district, in the former Gikongoro province, currently located in the Southern Province. Son of Augustin Buguzi and Ilibagiza Placidia, Kizito grew up in a Catholic Christian educational environment. At the age of 9, he began to compose small songs, and five years later, when he was a secondary school student in the « Petit Seminaire de Butare », he became the most popular liturgical organist composer in the Catholic Church of Rwanda.

In April 1994, when he was almost 13 years old, the young Mihigo survived the genocide against the Tutsis, in which more than eight hundred thousand Tutsis were murdered including his own father.

A few years later, this tragedy inspired the young talent to become the organist-singer-author and composer of the most popular songs in Rwanda.

One year after the genocide, Kizito Mihigo composed hundreds of liturgical compositions which were rapidly exploited in several parishes in Rwanda.

In 2000, (when he was 19 years old), Kizito Mihigo was already author and composer of over 200 (two hundred) liturgical songs, sung in all the parishes of Rwanda.

in 2001 (when he was 20 years old), Kizito Mihigo collaborated with other musicians in the New National Anthem composition.

In 2003, noticed by the authorities of the country, he was sent to Europe to follow his music studies.

In 2008, he received the postgraduate diploma (DFE) at the “Conservatoire de Musique de Paris”.

From 2008-2010, after his graduation, he was a music teacher in Belgium.

In 2010 he founded the KMP (Kizito Mihigo for Peace) a non-profit foundation with the objective to use Art for Peace, Reconciliation, Unity, Nonviolence and the Human Dignity in Rwandan society after the genocide against Tutsis in 1994.

In 2011, Imbuto Foundation, the organization of the First Lady of Rwanda, gave to Kizito Mihigo CYRWA (Cerebrating Young Rwandan Archivers) award, in recognition of his artistic activities for Peace and Reconciliation.

       His best known works are:

  • INUMA (DOVE): Kinyarwanda Song about Peace made – in 2010
  • TWANZE GUTOBERWA AMATEKA (composed on the occasion of the 17th commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi)
  • TURI ABANA B’U RWANDA: (Composed in 2011. This song became an anthem-like among the Rwandan Diaspora)
  • ITEME (BRIDGE): (A 20 minutes Christian song about forgiveness and reconciliation)
  • ARC EN CIEL (RAINBOW): (Singing on forgiveness and peace after the genocide)
  • URUGAMBA RWO KWIBOHORA: (Composed for the National Liberation Day)
  • IJORO RIBARA UWARIRAYE: (Song about Memory Conservation, composed on the occasion of the 18th commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi)

For more information about Kizito Mihigo, please visit HIS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

How did Kizito Mihigo become Kagame’s enemy?

Actually, Kizito Mihigo was a Rwandan gospel singer, songwriter, organist, composer of sacred music, television presenter, genocide survivor, and peace and reconciliation activist. He was a icon of “Peace and Reconciliation” as far as his songs were concerned. In 2013, he composed and released a famous song entitled “The meaning of death”, this song meant a lot for Rwandans since it was reconciling both side (Tutsis and Hutus). This song drastically angered kagame to the extent that he had Kizito Mihigo incarcerated. Here below is the song with English subtitles:

Let me cautiously and gradually look at Kizito Mihigo’s case; all the charges allegedly accused to him are bogus:

  • Attempt to illegally cross to Burundi: How did RIB know that he was illegally crossing to Burundi yet he was still with Rwandan circumference? Someone who had planned beforehand to illegally cross to another country wouldn’t have carried such heavy two bags, this was pathetically planned by RIB. RIB wrongly fudged the whole fiction. They need more lesson to deal with such shams. Okay, let us suppose that he was arrested while carrying with those two heavy bags; RIB publicly stated that Kizito Mihigo was arrested in his home village; does carrying bags show where someone is travelling to? Remember that he was still on Rwandan soil and in his home village. Did he admit to have planned to cross to Burundi as alleged? Not at all! Only God can lead people thoughts. Has he gone through polygraph tests before any of the above and bogus allegedly changes were put forward? No, he hasn’t! During her interview with BBC News Gahuza, Marie Michelle Umuhoza, the spokesperson of RIB, confidently confirmed that Kizito Mihigo had freedom for travelling to anywhere in Rwanda. This fabrication couldn’t work at all. Are RIB staff qualified? Did they do law courses? Criminal gang doesn’t care about professionalism, they only care about blood-shedding.
  • Joining terrorist group: How did RIB know that Kizito Mihigo was going to join the so-called terrorist groups (not group)? This was piteously and unprofessionally planned. RIB needs more training on this, it doesn’t work like this. Like I mentioned before, RIB is a criminal gang and is squarely given orders by H.E. Paul Kagame.
  • Corruption: This is defined as dishonest or illegal behavior, especially of people in authority. During her interview with BBC News Gahuza, Marie Michelle Umuhoza, the spokesperson of RIB, mentioned that Kizito Mihigo tried to give RWF300,000 ($324) to a certain Rwanda citizen who had disallowed him from illegally crossing the border to Burundi. Suppose that this scenario really happened; What crime had Kizito Mihigo committed in order to be arrested by a non-authorized person? This was not a felony to the extent that an authorized person would have arrested Kizito Mihigo. RIB are staff are comedians and jokers. Anyway, bloodthirsty criminals never mull over before they act.

RIB (The Rwanda Investigation Bureau), a criminal gang, had been conducting endless investigations; a well-known case is the death of the Assinapol Rwigara, an industrialist and a key financier of the RPF Inkotanyi, who was killed in an orchestrated car accident by Kagame. Calling RIB unprofessional would be giving them a room for improvement, this a criminal gang led by Kagame himself since nothing is orchestrated without Kagame’s knowledge.

Consequently, RIB never had evidence for their fraudulent accusations, bringing Kizito Mihigo in the court of the law would have exposed Kagame’s regime and put on the spot their usual crimes and lies. It is crystal clear that Kizito Mihigo was not going to admit any of Kagame’s regime fake accusations like it had happened before. Enough was enough for Kizito Mihigo. Hence, Kagame’s regime had to mysteriously kill Kizito Mihigo. He has been bumped off under Kagame’s orders. This is a shame to Kagame’s regime.

My final words, but not least, to my brother Kizito Mihigo:

I personally have never met you, brother Kizito Mihigo, your music has been emotionally healing my heart, your legacy is not leaving something for me, it is leaving something in me. your legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you. Your story is the greatest legacy that you have left to the World. It’s the longest-lasting legacy you have left to your heirs. As I am typing on my machine, I am emotionally shedding cheerful tears on my cheek heading to my jaw. I am celebrating your life and happy for what you have done for Rwandan community. Your music has been, is and will still be used in the church as worship and praise songs(Especially Catholic church) and “Peace and Reconciliation”. You are an icon of “Peace and Reconciliation”. Your legacy will stay forever. You are a Hero!

Brother Kizito Mihigo, may your Soul Rest In Peace.