President Juvenal Habyalimana

By Jean Serge Mandela

“Since President Habyalimana prepared the genocide, why was he killed”, this is the question if one dares to ask while standing on Rwanda’s soil, it will earn him 10 years in prison under the law passed Rwanda rubber stampers of more women than men who like to convey at the Habyalimana regime built members of parliament building which doubled into a transit camp of RPF/Inkotanyi battalion prior to the failed “Rwanda 1993 Arusha Peace Protocol” implementation. The above mentioned Rwanda authorities disturbing question was  not coming from a re-known investigative journalist neither another terrorism expert but a little boy who is plying his trade at Kagugu primary school not far from Gisozi famous genocide memorial site (Kigali capital east).

In April 2000, a certain Jean Pierre Mugabe revealed how military personnel of Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) were trained to operate surface-to – air missiles to shoot down the presidential aircraft. “Major General sent to Uganda four of his military personnel to be trained in in the operation in the operation of the Russian built SA-7 streak man –portable surface-to-air  missile (SAM)” added Mugabe in his ““ A Declaration on the Shooting down of the Aircraft Carrying Rwandan President Juvenal Habyalimana and Burundi President Cyprien Ntaryamira on April 6, 1994” testimony.

Mugabe Jean Pierre, a former managing editor of one of the Rwanda privately owned tabloid, now exiled in USA and an “ISSA adviser and consultant”. He joined RPF/Inkotanyi discretely after he abandoned his “Tribun du people” meaning “Tribune of People” which the name appeared to have been inspired by his latin tutorials since he did his secondary studies at St Vincent Minor Seminary founded by Kigali Archdiocese Bishop Vincent Nsengiyumva (killed by RPF/Inkotanyi elements during the “Rwanda long knives night of Gakurazo on 5 June 1994), he was President Habyalimana Kigali St Michel parish mate and Jean claude Habyalimana (President’s son) St Vincent minor seminary classmate, very dynamic and active in Roman catholic Xaverian youth movement. “Tribun du Peuple” tabloid made a name by being critical to the then Habyalimana regime who announced on 1990 Rwanda independence anniversary celebration day, the returning to “multipartism” system combined by Rwanda beginning of liberalisation of its economy under Bretons and woods institutions pressure. During the same period, Rwanda government was dictated to reduce its military budget despite the intelligence reports were coming up that the Rwanda 1959 Tutsi exiled were preparing an attack with Uganda backing.

Later on, “Rwanda secrete histoyr ”  was published in October 2005, the author was a former lieutenant in RPR/Inkotanyi, Venuste Abdul Joshua Ruzibiza who died in “mysterious circumstances” after his 40th birthday, he maintained in his deathbed the accuracy of his revelations while mentioning his own compromised security and other witnesses mentioned in his book. Ruzibiza, a member of RPF  commando network, he became a key witness when French judges started investigating the “Falcon 50 presidential jet gun down” which compelled the  French antiterrorist judge Jean Louis Bruguiere to issue nine international warrants against Rwanda President Kagame and some of his entourage towards 2006 end.

In October 2014, BBC produced “Rwanda Untold Story” shortly after Rwanda celebrated “Genocide 20th anniversary”;

The Belgian authorities had to offer Judi Rever a 24/7 protection since Kagame Europa scattered death squad was trailing behind her. “In Praise of Blood” is another headache to Kagame and his lieutenants.

Early this year, South Africa the Guardian on its online publication published: “South Africa’s prosecutor’s office justified a decision not to pursue four men wanted for the murder of a Rwandan intelligence chief, Patrick Karegeya, on the grounds of “close links” between the suspects and President Paul Kagame’s government in Kigali, a magistrate has revealed”. Patrick Karegeya, a Kagame chief spy was found dead in Johannesburg Sandton Micheloangelo towers upmarket hotel. Coincidentally, it is believed that Pretoria stopped the France interrogation rogatory commission which was due to meet Kagame army chief Nyamwasa now “exiled” in South Africa. There had been many attempts to kill Kayumba Nyamwasa one of them was carried at the eve of 2010 South Africa World Cup kick off.