RwandAir Is Africa’s Hub – Says Kagame’s Chief Strategist Akamanzi, As She Receives PhD

By David Himbara


Like her boss President Paul Kagame, Claire Akamanzi has become a hunter of honorary degrees to give herself a platform to lie. Akamanzi just acquired a PhD from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Akamanzi used the platform to match Kagame’s mastery of lies. Akamanzi learned from the best — Kagame.

An honorary degree usually honours a distinguished individual who has contributed to a specific field. So, what Akamanzi accomplish? And how did Concordia learn about Akamanzi’s distinguished contributions? This degree was evidently lobbied by family connections.

Lisa Ndejuru, Radegonde Ndejuru and the Kagames.

The chain of hunting for this degree is traced to Teta Ndejuru who is Akamanzi’s staffer. Teta is a niece to Radegonde Ndejuru in Mrs Jeannette Kagame Nyiramongi’s Imbuto Foundation. Meanwhile, Radegonde Ndejuru is an aunt to Lisa Ndejuru who is a PhD researcher at Concordia University. It was Lisa Ndejuru who officiated the ceremony at which Akamanzi received the PhD. That is the pipeline of how the degree was hunted and received.

Akamanzi did not disappoint with lies and exaggerations at the graduation ceremony. Kagame will be very proud of her. Watch and listen to this video featuring Akamanzi receiving a PhD from Concordia.

 Perhaps, the biggest lie in this Akamanzi documentary is about RwandAir:

”Under Akamanzi’s oversight, investment and tourism have grown. RwandAir, for example, has capitalized on its central location to become the hub for Africa.”

Oh dear. If RwandAir has become the hub for Africa, then pigs fly.