from left to right: Major Gen Alexis Kagame, Lt Gen Charles Kayonga and Gen James Kabarebe

The fact that the regime of the RPF previously dug out more human remains a week after Noble Marara (a close escort of Paul Kagame from 1991 to 2014) in an interview with the BBC in its “Imvo n’Imvano Program” of the 14th April 2018 while explaining his book “BEHIND THE PRESIDENTIAL CURTAINS” testifying that the RPF/RPA massacred innocent civilians and buried them in common graves raised people’s eyebrows! The public wondered whether the RPF government was not seeking to cancel the tangible evidence supplied on the BBC. The case of the human remains recently exhumed at Rusororo in Kigali should be studied skeptically.

Previously amid the last month of April the current year, about three thousand skulls of human remains were found in Rusororo Sector, Kigali City. Right away, the local government and IBUKA claimed that those remains belonged to Tutsi citizens who were murdered in the area during the 1994 ethnic cleansing.

Nevertheless, those who know the truth should not remain silent because it leads to a false interpretation of our history and the future generations risk to grasp what is not credible. Many people died in that area during the pogrom of 1994 but they really were not all Tutsi. At the time, there was a war between the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF/RPA) and the Habyarimana regime. While the RPF/RPA were coming in control of several areas right after the crash of the presidential jet on 6 April 1994, many refugees were not able to break through the war zones and the RPF/RPA gathered them in Ndera Camp where it fully controlled. Only very few refugees were able to leave Kigali City and its precincts to make their way through bullets to eastern Zaïre.

During June and July 1994, the refugees’ situation grew tense. Famine and war were at their worst. At this time, the fighters of RPF/RPA brought lorries and packed male and female refugees who looked healthier than others and drove them away saying that they were going to bring food for the weak refugees who remained in the Camp waiting. Up to now, no one of the refugees packed in lorries by the RPF/RPA fighters ever returned or survived to tell the story.

Afterwards the RPF/RPA proceeded with displacing all refugees (infants, teens, adults and elderly people) towards Kabuga. The convoy of dozens of lorries got hijacked in the half of the way and they emptied the refugees in four different places in Rusororo Sector where they were animally slain with swords, clubs and bullets by the same fighters of RPF/RPA. The Hutu refugees’ bodies were thrown in mass graves which currently are being disinterred by the RPF regime claimed to be Tutsi remains.

Apart these Hutu who were buried massively, there are many others who were thrown in a deep pond situated at Nyagasambu in the left side of the road to Rwamagana. However, we cannot ignore those defenseless civilians who were burned in containers. One can certainly pause to wonder whether those victims of fire deaths were buried! After all, Hutu prisoners aided by Tutsi survivors supplied plain evidence about the whereabouts of the remains of the 1994 ethnic cleansing. It is surprising how after twenty four years, about three thousand Tutsi skulls are found out in a region that did never know a population of five hundred Tutsi citizens before and during the 1990-94 war. Local people knew about the recent mass graves but nobody would dare to signal it to the government inasmuch as it is the same government of the RPF/RPA that butchered them. Not only in Rusororo but countrywide there are many areas in which the RPF/RPA committed atrocious war crimes and genocide that, so far, remain unpunished.

Basing on several documents already published such as the “GERSONY REPORT”, “UN MAPPING REPORT” by UN experts, the documentary film “RWANDA’S UNTOLD STORY” by famed British journalist Jane Corbin and the recent book “IN PRAISE OF BLOOD” by the investigative Canadian journalist Judi Rever that testify to the world how the RPF/RPA killed hundred thousands of Hutu civilians, it’s not such an easy endeavor to agree with the RPF regime that the recently found human remains are the Tutsi’s since they were exhumed in an area that fell in the hands of RPF/RPA fighters from the very outbreak of the war.

Here are typical cases in which President Paul Kagame and his entourage exterminated Hutu ethnic group’s citizens along the 1990s:

Many Hutu citizens were summoned to the meeting at the soccer field in Byumba Stadium were massacred. They were a mixture of infants, adult women and old women.

Many Hutu citizens who were called to the meeting at Mukarange in Byumba Prefecture were fired massively, stabbed with bayonets and others were slain with clubs simply because they were born Hutu.

Many Hutu men and women who were brought to the meeting at Gishuro in Byumba Prefecture were killed with short hoes and swords simply on the grounds that they were Hutu.

Many Hutu people whose a large number were children, women, old men and old women were led to a meeting at Ruhuha in Bugesera were put in school buildings and butchered cruelly because they were Hutu.

Many Hutu citizens from all walks of life were summoned to a meeting at ISAR/Songa in Butare Prefecture and were killed with bullets, short hoes only because of their ethnic identities.

Multitudes of Hutu people were called to come to the meeting at Runda Commune in Gitarama Prefecture and were massacred ferociously solely because of their Hutu ethnic background.

Large numbers of Hutu nationals were invited to the meeting at Kamarashavu in Kibungo Prefecture and were killed with bullets and hoes regardless of age.

Lots of Hutu countrymen were encircled and led to the meeting at Rwamanyoni in Kibungo Prefecture where they were killed with bullets and hoes simply because of their physical appearance.

Hutu masses were called to the meeting at Foyer Kavumu in Nyanza and they killed them with bullets and hoes only because they belonged to the Hutu ethnic group.

After the power takeover by the RPF/RPA in July 1994, unknown big number of Hutu returnees who crossed the border back home from DRC, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania or elsewhere were disappeared or landed in prison where they ended their lives amid a hot climate of gruesome torture, hunger, cholera, emaciation and overcrowding merely because they were born Hutu.

Crowds of Hutu and Tutsi citizens were murdered with hoes, knives and bullets in the market of Cyanzarwe in Gisenyi Prefecture. In case the RPF/RPA terminators were about to butcher the Hutu, some Tutsi raised their hands in the air claiming that they were not Hutu and they really were not, asking to be separated from those who were going to be killed. The killers turned deaf ears and systematically started the massacre from those who claimed to be Tutsi. A Tutsi who didn’t raise his hand in the air while seated among the Hutu who were going to be slain was also killed together with the Hutu as was the case of Gakurazo when they slaughtered a Tutsi infant named Sheja who was sitting on the lap of one of the clergymen massacred without selecting. As it usually has been evidenced by some people who used to be members of the RPF Party, the RPF sent some of its adherents to part company with interahamwe in order to add fuel to the massacres knowing for sure that in the future the massacres would take the name of genocide and become a battle horse for the RPF.

Here are the names of some of the many RPA fighters President Paul Kagame sent to do infiltrations and to associate with the Interahamwe in the ethnic cleansing against Tutsi:

Lieutenant Serwada Gashugi was sent from the soldiers who were in charge of Major General Paul Kagame’s security (High Command Protection Unit).

Captain Kiyago who operated in 101 Battalion. Captain Kiyago is the one who slew Landouard Ndasingwa, his wife and children. Landouard Ndasingwa was the brother of Louise Mushikiwabo (the current Minister of Foreign Affairs in Rwanda).

Sergeant Emmanuel Kanyita for Alpha Battalion.

Lieutenant Kayinamura from Kagame’s High Command Protection Unit.

Sergeant Butera from Kagame’s High Command Protection Unit.
S/Maj. Murefu Salongo of Charlie Battalion.

Lieutenant Kaziyake from Alpha Battalion.

Corporal Alain from the 9th Battalion.

Sergeant Stanislas from Delta Battalion.

Corporal Emmanuel Karugaba from Charlie Battalion.

Sergeant Sentongo from Paul Kagame’s High Command Protection Unit.

So far, the RPF regime has not been able to give justice to the victims and survivors of the ethnic cleansing inasmuch as it does not want to recognize its guilt and always seeks to impute it on the vanquished Hutu. It is a sad thing to see that during the past twenty-two years both the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and the Justice of Rwanda have condemned one side overlooking the gross crimes of the RPF/RPA. Rwandans are looking forward to seeing impartial justice in which President Paul Kagame and his junta will be prosecuted for their active participation in the ethnic cleansing that took the lives of Hutu and Tutsi masses before and after the assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana in his jet on 6 April 1994. Rwandans hunger for the internationally independent investigations about who crashed the presidential jet which is known as the trigger of genocide in Rwanda.

The world especially the Anglo-Zionist Empire should stop President Paul Kagame and his RPF entourage to keep sacrificing numerable Rwandan souls on the altar of lie. President Kagame and his statesmen have refused to tell the world the truth to state how they themselves actually sparked the genocide tragedy in Rwanda in 1994. They run the world assassinating every witness they might lay their hands on because they don’t want anyone to reveal the thick part of their intrigue in which they use the naming “genocide against Tutsi” as a multipurpose tool to consolidate their power.

There is impunity towards the RPF/RPA crimes as long as the world remains silent about well documented reports that show how Kagame and his junta have done systematic killings in the past two decades. The UN Mapping Report on the RDC of 2010 is a reliable testimony that evidences how the RPF/RPA massacred Hutu citizens and pursued them in the Democratic Republic of Congo then called Zaïre. The systematic ethnic cleansing of the RPF regime are not only mentioned in theories but they are also mentioned in numbers.

Although the public opinion agrees with the number of 800,000 to a million victims, many other numbers have been advanced, ranging from 250,000 to 2 million by experts, the United Nations Organization, NGOs and the RPF to such extent that total confusion reigns. Gérard Prunier recognizes that there is no systematic count and that the numbers rely on opinion more than facts. The Rwandan government of the RPF prefers to maintain this confusion. The RPF regime has refuses up to now to reveal the numbers of survivors of the “genocide” from which it is easy to evaluate the number of dead Tutsi and dead Hutu and this will never be revealed as long as the RPF regime rules. It prefers things blurred so that the world may not know the extent of the massacres committed against the Hutu by the RPF and to inflate the number of Tutsi victims.

It is necessary to note that the Census of the population organized under the supervision of the UN (UNDP, UNFAP, and CEA) and with the aid of countries such as the USA and Canada that terminated on 15 August 1991 fixed the total number of Tutsi in the country at 8.4% of the population of 7.099.844 persons. Thus, the numbers that suggest that the entire Tutsi population was massacred between April and July 1994 are simply fantasies. It is no secret to anyone that many Tutsi survived even if the incumbent government in Kigali does not want to publish the figures. The numbers create confusion for the regime to exploit in order to manipulate national and international opinion for ideological objectives. Witnesses worthy of the name state that the majority of those buried at Nyanza hill in Kigali are the thousands of Hutu refugees massacred by the men of the RPF/RPA on the dates of 22 and 23 May 1994 while they were attempting to flee away from the RPF soldiers who had just captured the garrison at Camp Kanombe.

The deputy mayor of Kigali City presented the Gisozi Memorial as the high place of pilgrimage and sad memories of genocide. This place stores, according the official declarations of the government, 250,000 human skulls. However, they cannot be from the former prefecture of the city of Kigali as they claim. Indeed, the total population of Kigali City was, according to the census of 15 August 1991, 221.806 persons of which 81.4% were Hutu and 17.9% Tutsi. Using a figure of 3.2% growth per annum, the total population of Kigali City was around 240.000 inhabitants in 1994 taken at its maximum, with the Tutsi population being estimated at 50.000 persons at its highest. This figure does not accord with the 250,000 skulls exposed at the Gisozi Memorial, especially when one reckons that many of the Tutsi in Kigali survived the war. The numbers of skulls is even more incomprehensible when one admits that the city of Kigali has other memorials notably those of Nyanza and Rebero where other thousands of remains are exposed. When you totalize the figures provided by the RPF government, going from memorial to memorial across the country, you realize that the Tutsi genocide victims exceed 4.000.000 and still being increased on a day-to-day basis. It is incredible! This example shows how the RPF regime manipulates the figures of genocide victims on a national level.

Several witnesses have stated before the ICTR that Gisozi was occupied by the RPA (army of the RPF) from 8 April 1994. Therefore, it was the RPF that ethnically cleansed the zones of Gisozi-Kagugu and Kabuye in Rutongo commune, in the prefecture of Rural Kigali and all undesirable persons including the displaced of war from the Refugees’ Camps of Nyacyonga and Rusine, who had fled to the city after their camps were heavily bombarded by the RPF. Several former members of the RPF have denounced the massacres of thousands of persons in these zones. All these people were summarily executed by the agents of the DMI (Directorate of Military Intelligence of the RPF) in the military camp at Kami taken by the RPF in mid-April 1994. These massacres were part and parcel of the plan by the RPF to eliminate as large a number as possible of Hutu intelligentsia.

Today, the same logic of annihilation of the Hutu elite that the RPF follows is behind their lists of pretended “Hutu génocidaires” including those already judged and acquitted by the ICTR and elsewhere in the world. The monumental scandals of the RPF’s genocidal policy have surpassed all bounds and this cannot be stopped unless the criminals of the RPF/RPA are brought before justice.

In their power-intoxicated talks the highest authorities of Rwanda, beginning by Kagame himself, have criticized the role of the international community during the Rwandan genocide. Thus, in his speech of 7 April, 2009, President Paul Kagame castigated the attitude of the UN, qualifying it as “cowardice” saying; “We are not those who abandoned the people who needed protection; they left them to be killed; are they not guilty? I think also that is cowardice; they left before a single shot was fired!” In so saying, Kagame ignores the command he gave RPA troops shortly after shooting down the jet which was carrying President Juvenal Habyarimana and crew. Four days after the Tutsi began being massacred by Interahamwe, Commander-in-Chief of RPA Major General Paul Kagame gave orders to his fighters they had to capture all areas of the Republic of Rwanda which still were controlled by the FAR (the army of the government of Rwanda at the time). General Paul Kagame never gave his soldiers any orders to rescue the Tutsi who were being murdered by Interahamwe. By contrast, Kagame pronounced an official decree that all RPA soldiers who were going to abandon the fight against the FAR for the sake of saving the Tutsi from the clubs and machetes of the militia Interahamwe, would publicly be fired dead in broad daylight.
Here is a list of some of the RPF/RPA fighters who were executed simply because of their daring initiatives to save the Tutsi who were at the mercy of Interahamwe:

Karake from Nyanza City in the South of Rwanda. The late was registered in Charlee Battalion and he was fired at Butaro Commune in Ruhengeri Prefecture.

Private Masumbuku from Charlee Battalion was fired in Butaro, Ruhengeri Prefecture.

Corporal Oscar from Rubaya Sickbay Corps was shot at Kanombe, Kigali City.

Lieutenant Serushago was executed beaten a hoe simply because he tried to rescue the Tutsi from being killed. He operated in the 7th Battalion.

Lieutenant Ngurumbe was killed with a hoe condemned for saving the Tutsi from the hands of Interahamwe. He was an element of the 5th Battalion.

Private Eric Twagirayezu from the 7th Battalion was shot in Gikondo at Karambo charged of rescuing the Tutsi who were being butchered by the militia Interahamwe.

Private Eric Murwanashyaka from the 11th Battalion was executed at Buringa in a center called “Kabada” accused of violating Kagame’s orders by saving the Tutsi from being cleansed by Interahamwe.

Apart from the aforementioned RPF/RPA soldiers who were executed unjustly on the orders of Major General Paul Kagame, there are many others who were thrown in jail and some of them even die in jail only because they saved the Tutsi from the 1994 ethnic cleansing.
Here are examples of soldiers who were jailed because of rescuing the Tutsi during the pogrom:

Private Gatera from 59th Battalion was incarcerated in RPA Military Police for over four years simply because he rescued the Tutsi ethnic group’s people who were being massacred by Interahamwe in Runda Commune, Gitarama Prefecture.

Corporal Fabian Ntabanganyimana who belonged to 101 Battalion was imprisoned for long time being punished for rescuing the Tutsi from the hands of Interahamwe in Murama, Gitarama Prefecture.

Private Matthew Ntisinzira who stayed in the 1st Battalion was jailed for over six years merely because he fought for the Tutsi who were being massacred by Interahamwe in Gihara, Gitarama Prefecture.

S/Maj. Alexis Nyamwasa from the 5th Battalion was jailed for more than five years simply because rescued the Tutsi at Murambi in Byumba Prefecture.

Private Posienne Dusingizimana from the 9th Battalion was put in prison for more than seven years only because he showed bold courage to save the Tutsi from the militia Interahamwe in Bugarama, Cyangugu Prefecture.

Corporal Rwamagana, agent of the Support/Artillery Company of the 59th Battalion was imprisoned for over six years on the grounds of having rescued the Tutsi from the spears of Interahamwe in Sake Commune, Kibungo Prefecture.

Sergeant Geofrey Butera from the 19th Battalion and who was Second in charge intelligence officer/2 I/C IO 19th Battalion. This one was jailed for more than four years solely because he tried to save the Tutsi who being murdered by Interahamwe at Rutare in Byumba Prefecture.

In the light of the above supplied evidence, it is clear that Kagame neither stopped the genocide nor rescued the Tutsi but he intentionally made shipwreck of them. His stinging speeches towards the international community are merely a way to pass the buck. The international community should react appropriately beginning by those who encouraged and financed the criminal project to take power by force of arms in Rwanda through the disastrous actions of General Romeo Dallaire at the head of UNAMIR to whom the RPF announced the imminent cataclysm on 2 April 1994 and who did nothing to stop it; and the postponed judiciary pursuits of the successive prosecutors at the ICTR in Arusha whom the RPF succeeded in submitting to its rule of terror.

Therefore, justice is needed for all Rwandans and foreigners killed or today traumatized by RPF’s criminal policy. As the former ICTR Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte once said it, if it is proved that the RPF/RPA shot down the plane of the late President Juvenal Habyrimana, history can be rewritten. The name of the genocide crimes committed in Rwanda has been changed three times to the extent that the last naming as “genocide against Tutsi” remains not reconcilable if we take in consideration the information about the RPF atrocities. It is also difficult to understand the deal passed between Paul Kagame and Benjamín Natanyahu! It is known that after the shooting down of the presidential jet, mass displacements and mass killings, war crimes and genocide crimes followed. The naming of those crimes has been modified three times during the last two decades and for the third time Kagame and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu made a deal so that the crimes might take the name of “the crimes of genocide against Tutsi” and not “the crimes of genocide against Rwandans.”

The history should not be mishandled within any political ideology. Thus, the new generation can be confused! Now is the time to no longer turn blind a eye to research data stated in this document which undoubtedly affirm that the RPF/RPA did not only massacre the Hutu with the intention to wipe them from the earth but also in its preparations of war from Uganda, the RPF/RPA wanted to eliminate the Hutu elite. The RPF/RPA went beyond the context of war and its mass killings were much more organized than those of Interahamwe.

The fact that among the ten successful business tycoons who live during the epoch of the MRND of President Juvenal Habyarimana, eight were Tutsi and now the RPF regime has almost eliminated them proves that RPF oppresses Rwandans from all ethnic groups. Many Tutsi are killed simply because they disagree with alarming injustice perpetrated against the Hutu. RPF government should be halted to its terrorist fashion of rule manifested in relentless assassinations, and stop its bare lies of passing its own murder guilt to the Hutu. It is clear that the ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) did not fulfill its mission of justice for all because the grave offences mentioned above have never been pursued legally.

President Paul Kagame has not only perpetrated war crimes, genocide and human rights abuses but he has also failed to lead the country into the path of peace and freedom since he always seeks to consolidate his power by means of terror. Instead of promoting a fair system of justice, Kagame and his sycophants ironically opine that the country’s resiliency results from his good governance. In no circumstances shall the blood of innocent Rwandans be exchanged with power no matter what it is.

Paul Kagame has destabilized the whole Great Lakes region, caused the displacement of thousands of refugees in the region including the 17,000 Congolese refugees and held Burundian refugees as captives in Rwanda! Recently the Kiziba Camp has been subject to Kagame’s Armed Forces’ atrocities twice. Much worse, his controversial third term in the office has influenced other Presidents in the region to push forth their antidemocratic rules. This factor shows how Paul Kagame remains the problem not only for Rwanda but also for the entire region! His overstay in the office has become the main hindrance for sustainable investment in Central East African countries.

There is an important lesson which the world should learn from President Paul Kagame’s life story. Thus, in Kagame’s philosophy of life, man has no crime to fear. He murders those who interfere with his evil aspirations and his main weapons are: poison, stealing, killing, lying, ethnic divide, giving corruption, pushing the youths into promiscuous spy networks, prostitution and so many like cheap tricks have been Kagame’s proceedings to reach the heights of political hierarchy. He already is intoxicated with power and he has no idea to give up his deceptive policies because he has conquered bonanza emoluments out of them.

Kagame and his entourage fight against anything that may cause regime change in Rwanda because they are sure that they can imperatively answer to all horrible atrocities they did against the Hutu, Tutsi, Twa and others. These men dread to sit around the table of negotiations with their opponents because they know that their monumental crimes can be voiced publicly in the same talks. That’s why Kagame and his oligarchy refute the dawn of democracy in Rwanda, the respect of fundamental liberties and rights, the freedom of the press, the independent system of justice and free elections devoid of fraudulence.

Kagame and his oligarchs carry out terrorist acts inside and outside the country assassinating, poisoning and betraying those who oppose the RPF regime, especially the former RPF cadres who actually know the details of Kagame and his men’s criminal history. They spend megabucks of public money bribing the west’s broadcasting agencies in order that they may not reveal the truth to the world. They also corrupt a large proportion of the world’s opinion leaders so as to help them permeate the lie all over the place.

Rwandans need justice to be done at the national as well as international level towards the RPF in order that the leadership founded on lie be removed. The shed blood of millions of innocent people cannot be exchanged with the current development in separateness and the selective urbanization policies of Kigali City which the RPF uses to deceive the world that it has achieved great success after war and genocide it waged itself.

Written by:
Jean Rukika
A London-based independent activist
Thursday, 10 May 2018