The RPF of 2017 Should Jail The RPF Of 1994 For Genocide Denial

Rwandan genocide denial is the assertion that the genocide did not occur – or attempts to minimize it. Today in 2017, therefore, denial of the Rwandan genocide, categorically defined as GENOCIDE AGAINST TUTSI, is a serious crime.

Here is what the RPF of 1994 stated:

“Although the Tutsi community has been singled out as a candidate for extermination, Rwandese of other ethnicities have equally been victims of the atrocities. Tens of thousands of Hutus have died because they belonged to opposition parties. Indeed the majority of prominent personalities who were executed were Hutus. The false perception that this is an ethnic conflict needs to be corrected.”

Go on President Kagame (2017), put on trial Kagame and RPF of 1994 for denying genocide in Rwanda.

David Himbara

the Rwandese Patriotic Front hereby declare that it is categorically opposed to the proposed U.N. intervention force and will not under any circumstances cooperate in its setting and operation.