The Story of a King, A Preacher and A Bishop

Once Upon A Time, There Was A King Called Paul, A Preacher Called Warren, & A Bishop Called Bilindabagabo. For some time the three men lived in perfect harmony – King Paul concentrating on power, while Warren and Bilindabagabo were spreading the word of God the Almighty across the nation of Rwanda.

Then Preacher abandoned the sheep – Warren has not stepped in Rwanda for at least three years. He has not attended Kagame Presidential Advisory Council for years. Warren even abandoned his mega conference that was to take place in Rwanda in 2015.

Then the Bishop publicly thanked the Lord for not allowing Warren back in Rwanda. The Bishop dismissed the Preacher with the following words:

“Pastor Rick Warren has played a role in the creation of Peace Plan organization, but it is not his initiative, as the idea came from other people who co-founded the organization. In the first and second year, Rich Warren attended the annual conference of Peace Plan and contributed some money. But now, we thank God for not allowing Rick Warren to attend Peace Plan conferences and not allowing him to give his money. We praise God for the fact that Rick Warren has not been in Rwanda for a while, because when he comes, he hijacks actions that are not his and people are mislead and attribute him the Peace Plan conference.”

Now the Preacher rejoined King Paul in San Francisco on 24 September 2016, where he declared that “there is no nation like Rwanda on earth”.

So now what?

1) Is the Preacher fully back on the King’s bandwagon?

2) If so, what happens to the Bishop who disowned the Preacher? Will King Paul punish the Bishop?

3) And what does the Good Lord the Almighty make of all this?

Meanwhile look at these souls listening to King Paul in San Fransisco. These are rent-a-crowd shipped in to fill the seats. Even Rwandan Ambassador and Preacher Warren look lost in space as King Paul talks.

David Himbara