Understanding Paul Kagame from psychological perspective has taken on new urgency, frankly, because of his behaviour.

By Saleh Musoni Karuranga

I am not psychiatrist, although I have spent a lot of time watching speeches and reading many newspapers about current RWANDA President.

Understanding Paul Kagame from psychological perspective has taken on new urgency, frankly, because of his behaviour.

Certain personality traits where people who are pathological lying and sociopathic may demonstrate a number of things:

– Absence of conscience
– A tendency to hurt people
– Anger
– Taking pleasure in their destructiveness and have a very limited range of close relationships.
– Deceptiveness
– Obsessive, controlling, and compulsive behaviors
– Selfishness
– Taking advantage whether it’s lying, cheating, stealing on a habitual, regular basis.
– Narcissism or self-centered behaviors and thought patterns
– Abusive attitude

You don’t have to be Sigmund Feud to have something to say about Paul Kagame, and to know that there is something off about his mental state, there is pathological narcissism, which I do think Paul Kagame has which involves a few fundamental characteristics.

One is a regard primarily for himself. He is concerned about the person he sees in the mirror every morning what goes hand and hand with that obsession with oneself (self-centered) and narcissism is a profound incapacity for empathy or full human emotions.

He feels free to hurt people without seemingly feeling guilty about it, to treat his wife badly, to speak ill of people from different groups, different genders.

There is the constant provocation of other, regional leaders, provocations of people he even needs (Kaguta Museveni, James Musoni) and who he is dependent on. I think we should be concerned when we have this person in office. Mentally unstable, he is a national disaster an embarrassment for our country

Another aspect of his personality, which goes beyond his narcissism, is what I would call a capacity of impulsivity that is downright alarming, terrifying really in a President who has control over entire country David Himbara early has wrote “Kagame is a ruthless ruler who takes and saves lives as he wishes”

I think speaking out about Paul Kagame is certainly not something that reserved only to mental health professionals it is an act of patriotism and it is an act of love towards his country and his people, on this fact I salute the courage of Diane Shima Rwigara, Ingabire Umuhoza, Deo Mushahidi, Ntaganda and others compatriots who’s been risking their lives to denounce the cruelty of Kagame regime.