A Complete Guide to Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy sports betting is not in any way new to the industry, in fact, it started as a recreational activity among friends in living rooms or bars. Often a beer or two was the price for the prospective winner. However, this recreational activity has since blown into a global obsession with people walking away with more than just a beer from what has turned out to be a mainstream competition with fantasy stakes. Whether you are a rookie or a fantasy expert, these online betting codes could prove useful to you. And this post definitely has something for you, tag along!

What are fantasy sports?

Well, fantasy sport is the type of sport where you draft a team of players from any particular league creating a virtual team of your liking. Your virtual team competes with other virtual teams created by other people. You earn points depending on your virtual team’s overall performance relative to how the real players perform in the real league. For instance, in an English Premier League, fantasy competition, you will be required to select individual players who are going to play in different positions. Your overall tally of points will depend on how each of the players selected will play on that particular game week.

How fantasy sports/betting works

  • First, you have to register and create an account in a fantasy betting site of your choice
  • Select a sport, league, and a team you follow. For example, you would select soccer, English Premier League Manchester United.
  • Pick your top team players depending on your knowledge in this sport. Remember this team should be good enough to participate competitively.
  • Your overall points will depend on your team’s performance in relation to goals, assists, goals saved, etc.
  • Your team will compete against other teams in a competition that will last a week, a month, or even longer.
  • After the end of the competition, the team with the highest points is the winner. Remember, you can participate against a group of players or a single player.  

Rules and regulations

While every sports concern is sharing the same team assembly concept, the rules that determine the choice of players, the number of players per team, or even the awarding system of points are different. For instance, soccer players earn points in different ways than baseball players. While baseball players will earn points for hitting home runs, soccer players will earn by scoring a goal. However, there is one rule that cuts across almost all sports. Each player is given a hypothetical value and you will have to work around a budget when assembling your best team.


Essentially, fantasy betting is the only type of betting that gives you room to assemble a team and earn money from your team’s performance. Online sports betting has advanced progressively. Therefore, as you decide to join or as you continue participating, one rule of thumb, always do your homework and research well before selecting a team.