Best Places to Visit in Italy in 2022 To Satisfy the Travel Bug in You

Imagine spending your holiday in a place that has picturesque location, incredible food and beverage, a rich history and culture, and the places to try adventure ports. Sounds tempting? Well then, we present Italy to you. This is a country that has a lot to offer to you, if you are willing to explore it as a traveller. You know what is the most wonderful thing about spending your holiday in this place? It doesn’t matter if you have high budget or low or an unusual travel style, this place always has something to offer to everyone. Seems like your cup of tea? Then, are you excited to know more about places to visit in Italy 2022?


The first name that comes to mind when it is about the places to visit in Italy 2022, is Florence. Home to masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, this is a place that will leave you mesmerised and stunned.


The next name in the list needs no introduction, it is Rome. Possibly one of the most visited places in Italy, this place is not only offering a peek at fascinating history but also the amazing taste of modern life. Nicknamed Eternal City, this capital city was once home to one of the world’s greatest civilisations.


This is a place where romance is in the air. From riding gondolas in picturesque canals to strolling around in its winding alleyways, this is a place which offers you with incredible views. You will surely fall in love with this wonderful place as you create amazing memories.


Italy’s fashion and design capital, this place has the perfect combination of historical wonders and modern marvels. This is a place you will love to explore – be it the historic edifices or the ever-happening nightlife.

Amalfi Coast

This is the incredible place that has been winning the hearts of travellers since ancient times. With its perfect offering of splendid scenery and sophisticated lifestyle, this is a must-visit place during your trip to Italy. You will miss out on a lot, if you do not visit the place.


Dubbed as the Italy’s foodie capital, this is a place that, besides incredible food options, also gives you a chance to explore some of the amazing creations of the ancient world. This is a place that will fill your heart with peace. Hence, this is one of the places to visit in Italy 2022.

Tip: how to cut down costs and claim your VAT tax back

It is true that while exploring the best places to visit in Italy 2022, you will get immense enjoyment and create priceless memories. However, Italy being very touristic, can become very expensive as well. On the hand, the good news is that Italy has a very high VAT tax, around 22% and this one of the highest in EU.You can save some money back, claiming a VAT refund as a tourist in Italy. 

However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you can start the process without any hassle.

  1. The amount you spend while shopping in Italy should be at least 175 euro more or less and that too from a single shop
  2. You should have the proper receipt for your purchase
  3. You should not be a European resident
  4. Last but not the least, you should not consume or wear the product before leaving European Union

Easy steps to claim the refund

There are actually several places from where you can fill for your claim. To start with, you can do so from the shop from you have purchased the item. Then there are companies that provide tourists with VAT refund forms – like the global blue tax refund Italy. You can also get the process done from Customs point. Once your application is accepted, you can collect the refund in form of cash or credit card.

Wrapping up

So, once you are visiting Italy, you can not only explore the beautiful places, but also get VAT refund during shopping. Isn’t that something wonderful? So, what are you waiting for? When are you starting your trip to the country?