General Nyamwasa must be stopped say Emile Rutagengwa and his Comrades.

We members of the Rwandan National Congress residing in South Africa having closely followed  the issue of our Comrade Ben Rutabana ‘s disappearance ,remain perplexed by the continuing ambiguity around this important matter .

Mr Rutabana’s spouse asserted that she was made aware by her husband of the conflict  between Mr Kayumba Nyamwasa , his brother in law Frank Ntwali and himself – that had escalated to a worrying degree  prior to his travelling to Uganda. 

RNC’s secretary general , Mr Gervais Condo denied having any knowledge of any existing problem between Mr Rutabana and these two men, however his denial was countered by Mr Epimaque Ntamushobora ( RNC’s commissar for Mobilization) ‘s comments that confirmed  Mr Rutabana’s irreconcilable differences with Mr Nyamwasa whilst accusing Mr Rutabana of ethnic bias.

Taking into consideration  Mr Rutabana ‘s sisters (Thabita Gwiza & Adelien Rwigara )’s statements that assertively pointed the finger at the organization and its officials  who told Ms Adeline Rwigara that they knew the whereabouts of Mr Rutabana promising to put her in contact with him – to no avail , 

Having again taken into account the campaign to dismiss Mr Rutabana from RNC waged by  Mr Ali Abdul Karim (Commissar for Communication)  and Epimaque Ntamushobora( Commissar for Mobilization)  – who was heard referring to Rutabana as a “ virus” in RNC during a conversation with one  Enock Mutangana (of NEC Uganda) , a “parasite” that should be cleared out of RNC ( -this referring to a founding member of RNC), in addition to the inflammatory comments  made by Sunday MUGISHA aka RASHID who shamelessly gloats of how he will make Ben pay for defying his boss Kayumba,

Having taken notice of the way Ben Rutabana’s family members  (Mme Tabitha Gwiza na Simeon Rwaniye) were dismissed from RNC because they asked the party to account for their brothers disappearance , adding to Mr Jean Paul Turayishimye – a founding member of the RNC’s, disgraceful demotion that followed his resignation from the spokespersonship of RNC after he expressed dissatisfaction in the  way the matter of this disappearance was handled by the leadership of the party, 

Having considered  the foundation of ADHOC ,  after Mr Benjamin Rutabana’s  disappearance ( it has now been three months ), 

Having taken into account the dissapearance of other members of RNC : (Major Nkubana aka Kadogo, Mike Rwalinda)  and other members that the party has lost , members who were unfairly dismissed by a leadership that continues to exclude those who ask disturbing questions ,

Having considered the impact (- in some cases the loss of life ) and clutter that has resulted from this continuous mismanagement on the work and achievements of the Rwanda National Congress , blamed on a system of cronies that has now gangrened and abducted the party ,

We have come to the following conclusions :

1) The party leaders facing different disciplinary actions in this latest scandal involving yet another disappearance ( Ben Rutabana ) are victims of a darker conspiracy . They are not the ones that should be sacked.

2) The group of people who have a hand in the disappearance of our comrade Ben Rutabana are the ones who are doing everything in their power to sideline , further disappear/ silence anyone who asks about this case.

3) The ADHOC ( the commission mentioned above ) will achieve nothing as long as  the real culprits in the disappearance of Ben Rutabana remain its main decision makers. 

It is obvious  that the main task of the  said commission is to mislead Rutabana’s family as Ms Mukangemanyi Adeline previously said ,

In our humble opinion , the following  leaders of the Rwandan National Congress are the ones who should be considered for dismissal for the investigation regarding Ben Rutabana’s disappearance to come to an objective conclusion as they continue to interfere with the same by ostracizing anyone with any information that may lead to Mr Rutabana’s whereabouts .

The following , in our opinion should be dismissed from their current positions  :

1- Kayumba Faustin Nyamwasa, RNC’s  first vice coordinator ,

2- Frank Ntwari ( Kayumba’s Brother in law) RNC’s commissar for youth ,

3- Epimaque Ntamushobora, commissar for mobilization,

4- Ali Abdul Khalim, RNC’s officer for communication,

5- Joseline Muhorakeye,  RNC’s commissar for unity and reconciliation.

If these  recommendations were put into action , the investigation regarding Ben Rutabana’s disappearance would yield satisfactory results  and the truth would be told because these RNC “ patrons” are the ones standing in the way regarding this matter . 

We admonish all party members to stand up for what is right and fight injustice and to put truthfulness forward above all else .

In our next communication , we will share our concerns regarding the executive  leadership of the RNC and who we think should resign for the betterment of the party.

Comrades , let us ask ourselves  « WHAT WILL OUR LEGACY BE ? »

This  statement is signed and  agreed upon by the following residing and working in South Africa :

1. Emile Rutagengwa

2. Alex Karemera

3. Emma Kanyemera

4. Gidiyoni Gatera

5. Alias Ruhinda

6. Barigira Ferdinard

7. Moussa Ngabo

8. Nyirahabiyakare Umurisa

9. Mukamusoni Saidati

10. Mukundwa Hadjati

11. Uwamahoro Alliane

12. Victor Runiga

13. Gakire Francoise

14. Shirambere Alphonse

Many desire to see change in RNC ,  we were not able to get them all to sign this document  for lack of time .