How to increase Instagram engagement?

To improve Instagram engagement, use techniques such as bombing.

You should also be aware that not all likes are created equal, and that not all likes have the same value: this is where the huge accounts, those with 100,000 or more followers, come into play.

These accounts’ likes and comments will be considerably more relevant than the likes and comments of “regular” profiles with fewer followers.

Putting together a group of five or six major accounts and communicating their likes and comments on content produced by a minor profile will be beneficial.

Up to the point of being able to finish among the most popular posts and enhance Instagram engagement.

Power Likes are a great way to boost your Instagram engagement with more free Instagram likes.

To date, Power Likes has proven to be the most effective unorthodox technique for increasing Instagram virality and, as a result, engagement.

These work in the same way that Like Bombing does, but with one major distinction.

While Like Bombing makes use of a few profiles with millions of followers, Power Likes makes use of a larger number of ‘smaller’ profiles.

Increase Instagram engagement with a contest

The giveaway is a tactic for increasing followers based on the sweepstakes model, which is highly popular right now, with up to nearly 100 followers every day or more.

What exactly is the goal?

Those that use this approach can give away a gift, and free Instagram followers will have to follow the instructions to win it.


The idea of reciprocity is also used in this strategy: at the end of the day, both the profile that gave away the Give-Away and those who participated in it get something.

Shout out (literally scream out’ in Italian) is a non-formal expression of public acknowledgment and gratitude.

This term is used on Instagram when you mention another Instagram profile in your post (on the feed or in Stories) and encourage your Instagram followers free to follow it.

Today, there is a legitimate market for shoutouts that can be openly purchased and sold.

Another similar strategy, known as Shoutout4Shoutout, entails mutual coaching between two profiles who mention one other in their communities.

Unlike the shoutout, which has a monetary component, the Shoutout4Shoutout is solely based on the exchange of visibility.

This strategy can also be used by a group of more than two people, in which all members will be mentioned in a community other than their own by starting a chain reaction.

In practice, the shoutout is accomplished by reposting the material of the other account, tagging that profile, and ensuring that the other party honors the agreement by doing the same.

The parties will be free to remove the shoutout content from their profile after the predetermined period if the agreement has a specific duration.

Instagram Ads are a great way to get more people to engage with you on the platform.

You can use Instagram Adverts to market your ads if you have a Business account.

You’ll have a better chance of getting more Instagram traffic if you create the advertising with particular goals in mind.

In this approach, you can enhance the engagement of your content and profile on Instagram in a targeted manner.