Jacuzzi: the history of creation

Modern society has no idea about life without a bathroom. And of course, its main and most convenient attribute is the bathtub. At the same time, few people think that the bathtub is not an innovative invention of the best engineering minds of the 20th century. Such a vital hygiene item has firmly entered the everyday life of people since ancient times. The history of the appearance of the bathtub begins in the days of ancient Greece. And the history of the creation of the Jacuzzi is directly related to Italy.

How and when Jacuzzi appeared?

Italians are very talented people. They always strive to change the world around them in accordance with their worldview, fantasies and temperament.

The Jacuzzi was invented in the middle of the 20th century in America by an immigrant from Italy, Candido Jacuzzi. His son was severely ill with rheumatoid arthritis, and doctors prescribed water procedures to the boy. In order to alleviate the suffering of his son, in 1948, Jacuzzi began his experiments. He took the aircraft pump and plunged it into the tub. This is how a Jacuzzi bathtub, famous all over the world today, was created.

After evaluating the positive effect obtained from the treatment of his son, Candido decided to make a business out of it. Already in the early 50s, his products could be bought in stores selling medical equipment and even in simple pharmacies. Bathtubs with miraculous pumps became very popular thanks to patients who immediately felt the effectiveness of the procedures and recommended them to their friends. Over time, another effect of Jacuzzi was discovered – the ability to relieve stress and fatigue. After that, since 1955, Jacuzzi bathtubs began to be sold in ordinary shops around the country.

In 1968, the first hot tub similar to the modern Jacuzzi was created. They were installed everywhere, from hotels, medical and health centers to luxury private houses. Due to that, the name Jacuzzi became a synonym for comfort and wealth.

Models of Jacuzzi bathtubs that can be installed outdoors become very popular in the 1990s. An outdoor Jacuzzi bathtub has the following advantages:

– It’s easy to take care of it.

– It can be equipped with audio and video systems.

– It can be used throughout the year.

– It is compact and roomy.

– It has different shapes and a large selection of colors.

A Jacuzzi is not just a bathtub for taking relaxing water procedures, it is also a device that allows you to get a therapeutic effect, high-quality hydromassage and helps you completely relax. It can also help you become calmer with prolonged insomnia, relieve stress and a constant feeling of fatigue. Thanks to Jacuzzi, blood circulation can improve and metabolism can normalize.