Do you know why is it so easy to get job vacancies in Bahrain legally? Because,there is the ability of local employers to issue some work permits for foreigners and without any reference to a specific person. This fact will allow you to start your professional duties as soon as possible. Such actions are practiced by the biggest companies in Bahrain and foreign or international corporations, where the big number of labor expats are employed.

Working in Bahrain without knowing the language is practically inaccessible. At a minimum, English must be at a good level. The country has acceptable prices, high salaries, developed infrastructure and quite comfortable living conditions. One of the few disadvantages to immigration is the climate.

In total, in Bahrain’s labor market, foreigners occupy more than half of the jobs. The instability of oil markets and social protests of the population are forcing local authorities to impose legislative restrictions on the hiring of foreign workers, which should ensure maximum employment for Bahraini people. However, according to experts, for a single year or even a decade Bahrain will not be able to fully fill vacancies in the labor market at the expense of its own citizens. , which opens the way to the country for labor migrants. First of all, this applies to the owners of professions that require high qualifications and experience.

How to get job in Bahrain?

Official work in Bahrain for foreign women and men implies a preliminary search for an employer, signing an employment contract, obtaining a work permit and opening a work visa in their country.

That is, almost identical requirements with most countries in the world. The company acts as a sponsor of a foreign job seeker and applies to the local authorities for a work permit. The main requirement is the absence of applicants for the vacancy among the Bahraini.

The document is efficient and actual for two years, after which it is enlarged.

What are the most demanded jobs in Bahrain for foreigners?

1.      Attorneys

The ranking of the highest paid professions in Bahrain is opened by the profession of a lawyer profile. Those who decide to devote their activities to this particular field after graduating from the university and passing the state exam in the specialty of jurisprudence can rejoice in the high wages and good career growth.

2.      Automotive Engineers

Particularly high salaries are those for engineers employed in the direct production process. Service engineers receive little, but still less.

3.      IT experts

The profession of computer science is in great demand, and in almost all branches of the economy, science and technology. Aviation and space technology can be considered particularly valuable computer scientists.

4.      Controllers

Anyone with excellent numbers skills and a related college degree can be considered lucky as working as a controller in the automotive industry will bring you high salaries and career advancements.

5.      Drivers

To get a driver vacancy you need to have driver license and other documents confirming your identity. You can be either taxi drivers, assistants, or truck drivers, which are in great demand everywhere. Be ready to have a full day job and to get tired.

Bahrain residence permit without the right to work.

Bahrain offers the opportunity to obtain residency for those who have enough income to support themselves, in particular for retirees, investors and those who have real estate in the country.

In each case, you must personally visit the appropriate institution, not work in the country, both in the private and public sectors. If several people apply at once, then a separate package of documents must be prepared for each.

The residence permit is issued for a period of 2 years with the possibility of extension. An application for an extension must be submitted no later than 6 months before the expiration of the previous residence permit.