Kagame, Put Your Security Advisor General Kabarebe On Trial For Preaching Genocide Ideology

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame’s security and defense adviser, General James Kabarebe practices genocide ideology. The proof is here in this video. Kabarebe was caught on video inciting and encourages young Tutsi to hate their Hutu counterparts. Addressing exclusively Tutsi students who are members of the Association des Etudiants et Elèves Réscapés du Génocide, Kabarebe showed his true colours. He plainly indicated he considers Hutu youth wherever they are around the globe to be potential genociders. If Kagame does not hold the same views as Kabarebe, Kagame must put Kabarebe on trial. What Kabarebe said is against Rwandan and international laws — he preached hate speech against fellow Rwandans.

This is what Kabarebe said in parts of his hate speech

”Other generations have emerged as you have emerged. These other generations too, are now in a position to say “now we have achieved a good level of organization and stability, it is us who are in charge of the economy in Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and elsewhere; in schools we also succeed brilliantly.” I recently saw a Lesotho newspaper where they published the results of the official exams that year and the list of successes: the very first were by the name of Nshimiyimana, Twagirimana, Twagirumukiza, etc, until beyond the 20th position, they are the children of our enemies who come first.

So I understood right away. When we were in Uganda, and I was at the end of my primary school shortly before I entered secondary school, when the results were announced, the top 100 were all Rwandans. Similarly, today, after 20 years of disorganization, they are the ones who come out on top in all competitions. It should not be a problem if they were kids who think normally. The problem is that their thinking is that of their parents, thinking to destroy the country.

You understand then that there are going to be two opposite generations: there are on the one hand you, survivors of the genocide who have the country, and on the other hand these others who have just stabilized and who say to themselves “we have today ‘all economic power today’. For example today, they are the ones who control the economy in Malawi, trade and agriculture, and in Mozambique they are the ones who control the economy, trade and agriculture; throughout southern Africa, they control the economy. And everywhere else, even in Europe, they have managed to integrate youth movements, even if our country manages to mobilize and infiltrate them, which makes it possible to create divisions among them.

But keep in mind that there is another generation who will confront you on the question of genocidal ideology, they are determined to pursue this ideology and you are determined to eradicate it.To end this confrontation between the two generations will be very difficult: since the ideology of genocide was conceived and implemented in Rwanda, eradicating it will be a very difficult mission.

After 1994, people scattered, and later tried to attack the country, this succession of events has a certain similarity or even a certain continuity. The way they organized in 1996 to attack Rwanda from the north from the Congo resembles the way in 1960, 1961 and 1962 the Inyenzi organized and attacked Rwanda to fail and set out again. The others also after 1995, 1996, 1997 even if they were very numerous, were defeated and had to leave outside the country.

Rwanda then rebuilt very quickly, everything you see here was rebuilt after their defeat and their return to exile. But if you think they’ve abandoned the war option, think twice.”

If General Paul Kagame does not put General James Kabarebe on trial, Kagame will be confirming that he too advocates genocide ideology

Genocide ideology in Rwanda is defined as any deliberate acts committed in public whether orally, or written which show that a person is characterized by ethnic hatred. Kabarebe in now on video advocating genocide ideology. Kagame must now put Kabarebe on trial. If General Paul Kagame does not put General James Kabarebe on trial, Kagame will be confirming that he too advocates genocide ideology.