Kagame’s Sycophants And Apologists Should Read This Book — Perhaps Some Of Them Might Wake Up And Realize Their Hero Is A Gangster

By David Himbara

What does this book reveal? It shows how the gangster has looted Rwanda’s pension in twelve chapters.

Table Of Content

Chapter 1 — Overlapping Political and Economic Power Is Dangerous

Chapter 2 — Western Elites Are Kagame’s Useful Propagandists

Chapter 3 — How to Corruptly Seize Pension Funds

Chapter 4 — Concealing Companies in Which the Pension Is Invested

Chapter 5 — Investing Pension Funds Fraudulently

Chapter 6 — The Pension Is a Cash Cow for the Ruling Party’s Business Empire

Chapter 7 — A Management Career In the Pension Sector Is the Kiss of Death

Chapter 8 — Using and Destroying a State-Owned and Pension-Funded Telecom

Chapter 9 — Pooling the Pension With Corrupt Institutions for Private Gain

Chapter 10 — The Mystery of Overseas Pension Investment

Chapter 11 — Pension Beneficiaries Thrown Into Absolute Poverty

Chapter 12 — Making Sense of Thieving and Future Implications for Rwanda

How Was The Research For This Book Conducted?

The research is based entirely on the Rwanda governments records and data including primary sources from:

  1. Auditor General
  2. The National Bank of Rwanda
  3. Rwanda Social Security Board
  4. Bank of Kigali
  5. Development Bank of Kigali

How Were These Research Materials Acquired?

All these institutions file annual reports and documents on their websites.

Are There Other Sources Used?

International Monetary Fund

What Is The Overall Conclusion?

Rwanda is deep trouble. It is ruled by a gangster who has spent a fortune on public relations to paint himself the best thing that ever happened in Rwanda and Africa.

The question is — who will hold this gangster accountable since he has literally imprisoned the entire nation. Nonetheless, we must record these crimes. It is a matter of time when the Kagame regime ends and he faces the law. As the saying goes, ‘The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.”