Make Staying at Home More Fun with A Home Theater

Staying at home can be a big drag on your patience. After all, there is only so much you can do within the confines of your four walls. But all this time has also given us a perfect opportunity for indulging in that long-awaited pet-project that we have been putting off for other professional and social commitments. 

Even when you don’t have a pet-project to work on, you can still bring bucket-loads of entertainment into your living room with a home theater. With a comfy home theater at home, you don’t have to wait for the cinemas to open their doors for a nice little movie time. Just grab a bottle of coke, put the pop-corn in the microwave, and plop down on the sofa to catch-up on some binge watching. With streaming becoming the new norm, you don’t have to stand in the queue, or beat the crowd for the best seat. Your sofa is already waiting for you. Now all you have to do is find the remote!

How to Turn Your Room into a Home Theater?

Whether you want to turn a spare room into a home theater, or just use your living room for one, setting up a new home theater can be a lot of fun. Starting from selecting the gadgets to getting the right décor, it is going to be a journey most of us will thoroughly enjoy. So, even before you get your home theater, your boring stay at home is set to become a lot more entertaining. Let’s look at some of the stuff you need to get together for a chic home theater.

Gadget Shopping

If you are a gadget freak, you must already have a list ready for what you need for your spec. Luckily, there are so many options out there that you will be able to find something to fit any sized-budget. 


Although the room you have selected might already be furnished, you still might have to make some changes to set the right tone for the room. For example, a plush carpet not only give your room a lavish feel, they also absorb sound and prevent echo. The same is true for home theater curtains, which are specifically built for this purpose. 

Comfortable Chairs

All movie goers would agree that the movie-experience is completely ruined if you don’t have a great chair. Your chair will be your heaven when you sink down into its cozy comfort after a long day at work. Make sure your chair has a recliner feature and if possible, with built-in cup holders. Nothing will impress your friends more if they don’t have to scout around in a dark room, looking for a table to put the drink down.

The Right Ambience

For the perfect digital experience, you will need a perfectly dark and quiet room. Easier said than done. Most of us live in an urban setting, with noise and light a permanent feature of our daily life. Be it the light generated from traffic or the noise of a bustling city life, your home theater would require some help to minimize the effect of both. This is where home theater window coverings come in. 

Home Theater Curtains

Blackout curtains are the best option for a home theater. They look good, cover a lot of area, and can be had at a desired thickness to cut off light and sound generated outside. Go for custom-made curtains for home theatre, which would be tailor made to suit the specific requirements of your window. 

These curtains are made with thickly woven fabric which are built to block out 90% of the light that fall on them. By blocking out light, these curtains create the most desired block-out effect, while keeping the temperatures down. These curtains also help dampen the noise, while keeping the echo to the minimum within the room. Now you can easily forget the busy street outside and immerse yourself in the movie of your choice. The superior insulation that comes with these curtains also keep your bills down, while keeping the room delightfully comfortable for spending a lovely time with friends and family. 

Blackout Roman Shades

For a smart and sleek looking room, you can opt for blackout roman shades. These shades come in a variety of designs, enabling you to find the right fit for any décor of your choice. Roman shades shade many of the features of blackout curtains, as they are made from blackout materials as well. Blackout roman shades work very well in cutting off the light and creating a comfortable atmosphere for your home theater. They are also great for insulation and noise cancellation. One advantage of roman shades is that they don’t take up floor space or make the room crowded. With blackout roman shades, you get to keep your décor crisp and tidy. 


The next best, albeit expensive, is wooden shutters. The solid material of shutters is also extremely effective in blocking out the light, sound, and the chill. The slats can be closed shut to achieve that most-desired blackout effect, while the wood keeps the room well insulated. 

Wooden shutters are great for rooms that doubles up as a living room or study. When you are using your room for other purposes, you can open the shutters to enjoy the full benefit of a fine, sunny day. When the sun becomes too much, you can shut the shutter and just keep the slats open to enjoy partial visibility and privacy, along with enhanced light-control. You can also position the slats to monitor the flow and direction of the light that is coming into the room. When you wish to switch to movie-mode, just shut the shutters and switch on the TV. 

Use these gorgeous window treatment option to carve out an exciting interlude amidst the sea of monotony and make most of your stay-at-home period.