Nail Care Tips – 5 Useful Tips To Remove Gel Polish During The Lockdown

The human body operates as a system that needs proper attention and care. No part can be considered insignificant because a problem to a seemingly less important part could trigger bigger waves of problems in the so-called more important parts.

According to nail care expert Mark Todd who blogs at, our nails are often not given enough attention and care, a situation that has caused many people so much trouble that they wish they had cared better for their nails. One of the purposes of the nails in the entire body is related to its contribution to the general outlook of the body. This includes the use of nail polish to beautify the nails.

There are several kinds of nail polish and it is important to be armed with the necessary tips regarding application and removal of the polish to ensure nails are not exposed to damages in the process. Although there are experts who could easily handle this for at very affordable costs, there are situations when you will need to handle it yourself hence, we are discussing tips to safely remove gel polish from the nail at home without damaging the nails.

Useful Tips to Remove Gel Polish At Home With Ease without damaging the nails

Before getting into the safe removal of gel polish from the nails, it is important to make sure you get a well-ventilated room to avoid inhaling all the acetone. This is vital because the removal process will last about 30 minutes. Now to the tips:

  1. File the shine of the gel polish off

During the application of gel polish, a clear and glossy topcoat is applied to seal in the polish. The first step in the removal of manicure is to remove the topcoat. This will significantly reduce the time you need to remove the manicure because the remover will have fewer layers of coats to contest with. Get rid of the topcoat by gently filing it off. This has to be handled carefully to ensure the integrity of the nail is not compromised. After an initial filing, check for any shining part by placing your fingers under a light. If you find any shining part, file it off carefully.

Note: don’t file the topcoat off to the point of seeing spots of the natural nail.

2.      Protect your skin

Acetone, which is used to remove the nail polish, is very drying to the skin. To avoid excessive dryness of the surrounding skin and fingertips, coat them with a cuticle oil or a thick cream.

 3.      Soak some cotton balls in nail removal

There are several nail polish removers; some are acetone-based while others are acetone-free. Experts often recommend the use of acetone-based removers because it works faster. Soak 10 cotton balls in the nail polish remover.

Note: use cotton balls, not cotton pads, because they absorb the polish remover better and fit the nail better.

 4.      Secure the cotton balls to your nails with aluminum foil

Once the cotton balls are well soaked in the nail remover, place them on the nails and wrap them to the nails with a small piece of aluminum foil. Once all the cotton balls are wrapped in place, leave them for about 20 minutes to allow the remover to dissolve the nail polish. By the time the aluminum foil is unwrapped, the nail polish will be as though it’s a fall off of the nail.

5.      Gently remove the nail polish and apply a cuticle oil

Following the removal of the cotton balls, use either a cuticle stick or a manicuring brush to gently remove any nail polish left. Make sure minimal pressure is applied, however, if the nail polish still would not be removed, then you need to apply a cotton ball soaked in the remover for another few minutes. Whatever nail polish is left should then be easy to remove.

Besides the nail polish removed by the nail polish remover, natural oils and moisturizers are also removed from the nail plate by acetone. This could result in excessively dry and brittle nails. Apply some cuticle oil to the nail plate immediately after the removal of the nail polish to ensure your nails remain healthy and strong.


Remover of nail polish from the nail must be handled carefully, otherwise, the integrity of the nail will be compromised. You can safely remove nail polish from your nails at home by following the tips above. Make sure you handle the process gently to avoid damaging the nail. Take a look at this article from Cote for more nailcare tips.