Paul Kagame set to bankrupt coffers of airing rwandan economy

“I don’t care” those are the most chilling words Paul Kagame spoke during an interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur, of Hard Talk, on the 7th Dec 2006. Now he has embarked on bankrupting coffers of Rwandese and airing Rwandan economy by establishing the “Agaciro Development Fund (AgDF)”, a newly created sovereign fund, according to a statement released after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting.

As reported by a state sponsored newspaper, THE NEW TIMES, the fund is managed and engineered by the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, John Rwangombwa. This fund business comes after those royal to Paul Kagame the international community, cut aid due to the on ongoing support of M23 rebel movement that continue to root resources of North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 2011 Human Development Report presented by Human Development Index (HDI) values and ranks for 187 countries and UN-recognized territories reported that; The rank of Rwanda’s Human Development Index (HDI) for 2010 based on data available in 2011 and methods used in 2011 is 166 out of 187 countries. In the 2010 HDR, Rwanda was ranked 152 out of 169 countries. Income poverty, measured by the percentage of the population living below PPP US$1.25 per day, and multidimensional deprivations in Rwanda.

In pursuit of clarity, we spoke to Frank Ntwali chairman of Rwanda National Congress in Africa region and this what he had to stay; “ Everyone can see that, expect those who are ignorant, the Agaciro Development Fund (AgDF) is another criminal enterprise led by Paul Kagame so that he can carry on his crimes in Congo”.

“We argue Rwandese, who are subjected to live under this dictatorship regime, to refuse to take party in this”. Added Frank Ntwali.

It appears that people of Rwanda will soon if not later fall in deep depression because of one man’s quest for power in the great-lakes region. In his own words “The day that the black man takes an uncompromising step and realizes that he’s within his rights, when his own freedom is being jeopardized, to use any means necessary to bring about his freedom or put a halt to that injustice, I don’t think he’ll be by himself.” Said Malcom X.

Ernest Kayinamura