Rwanda/Canada:Espionage Exposed By Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Financial Times’ exposé of General Paul Kagame global hacking network exposé made the headlines at about the same time as another ugly Kagame story. An investigation conducted by the national broadcaster, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), led by journalist Chantal Lavigne “lifts the veil on a darker face of the government of Paul Kagame”. This is the ugly of Kagame’s espionage in Rwandan diaspora communities in Canada.

The investigation found that Kagame’s spying and harassment of Rwandans in Canada is already known by Canadian authorities. As the report says:

“A 2014 secret report from the Canada Border Services Agency says that Rwandan spies are harassing refugees here. The document filed in Federal Court in another immigration case describes a “well-documented system of repression of government critics, both inside and outside Rwanda.”

Much of the CBC report revolves around a Rwandan confessed spy, tracing the training the spy received in Rwanda military, to the espionage assignment in Canada. The Rwandan high commission in Ottawa is the nerve centre of espionage, collecting and coordinating the spying and harassment of the Rwandan diaspora.

Find the CBC report here.