Rwanda: “Our government wants the world to believe that everyone supports this president,”

In Rwanda, we have a reign of terror under this man Kagame Paul and his inner circle. People live with fear,they don`t speak up what they think, they are forced to do everything Kagame wants, no justice at all, spies are everywhere, people are sometimes put in jail for nothing just because some one who has authority wants that , some people have their husbands or relatives disappeared (kidnapped) or even killed, fear is in many hearts,not only hutus,but also tutsis as well  ,especially  those who dare to criticise what is going on.

Rwanda is a country of fear. I suggest you to try this one once you are in Rwanda if you can just to test: enter a public place like a bar, sauna room, stadium, etc… and try to raise a topic about  presidential 3rd term just for discussion…Slow by slow everyone near you will start to leave and after like 10min you will find yourself alone. People are unimaginably scared of everyone and everything!

” In a document released before lawmakers approved the constitution’s changes last month, Parliament said it had identified only “about ten” Rwandans nationwide who objected to the amendment.”

Yet alJazeera managed to find more than that to quote in this article. People in Rwanda fear to speak, with reason, sign what they are told to sign out of fear, vote how they are told to vote out of fear. Fear unleashed is the future if Kagame does not step down in 2017 and that is never pretty.

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