Rwanda’s collapsing health sector has reached an alarming proportion

By Gakwerere

Health facilities, like in the nation’s main referral CHUK hospital, there in no emergency drugs and gas equipments for facilitating operations during surgeries. Patients are being turned down for medication due to shortages of staff, medicines, beds…etc. Bed sharing is a norm in Rwanda’s hospital.

The current appalling health delivery situation is so dire to a point that many patients are dying from curable diseases due to lack of proper health care. The health delivery administration and patient care of public hospitals are in a dire state of dreadfulness, galvinised by over stretched staff force who work for long hours in unpleasant condition.

Morale within the public health workers in Rwanda is totally low; basically due to low salaries/wages of which in most cases arrives late, incompetent health ministry which now has been failing for years is under funded, disorganised, too much interferences from the centre government most especially from Kagame’s office, lack of medical equipments and drugs,

An insiders within the ministry of health has told me that, the last consignment of drugs which they have in stock is finished, some expared and there is no new consignment of drugs coming soon to Kigali especially Malaria drugs. Patients are being referred to private pharmacies to buy drugs at exorbitant prices.

Most hospital are operating without drugs. There is also acute shortages of bandages, injections, surgical gadgets, and no food for admitted patients. For the poor, public hospitals have turned into mortuary. The poor and destitutes are dying like flies due to lack of medical treatment and care. The health sector has totally collapsed.

Mutuelle project is a farce, deception and a hoax used by the Kagames to dup the citizenry and western donors, as a means to enrich their over lasting thirst for cash!!

In most public hospitals, gas tanks are always empty, thus affecting operations in theatre rooms. The situation in most hospitals and health centres is totally pathetic, especially from a Country where the dictator, for the last 17 years has been bragging a yearly economic growth averaging 7%.

Laboratory departments of most public hospitals have virtually reduced to “ghost lab.” Safety standards at blood banks are appalling and shocking. In most cases, some of the equipment being used to draw blood from blood donors and patients are too old. Unless the exercise is conducted by the Croix Rouge or medicine sans frontiers.

The Kagames don’t give a damn about the deteriorating health services in Rwanda. For them, their overall general medical practitioner is based in Boston – Massachusetts, a place where the family goes for medical check-up.

Just last year, we all witnessed at how malaria ravaged the country claiming many deaths; this was due to the ministry of health supplying to the public outdated anti malaria mosquito nets. And the sharks at the top profiteering on Global fund!!

Say No to political vampires & Political criminals who are ravaging our country!!!!