The Benefits of Obtaining Grenada Citizenship through Investment 

Picturesque, colorful nature, pristine coral reefs, beautiful beaches, clean, excellent service – this is what a small island state called Grenada attracts. As a result, many people dream of living there. Today, there are several options for how one can arrange it and start living. All one needs to do is get citizenship to stay safely in this country’s territory. A unique program launched in 2013 allows one to do this.

The economy of this country is based on agriculture, services, tourism, and trade. Therefore, the local government seeks to motivate foreigners to make investments. Considering the great potential of the tourist sphere, the authorities encourage them to make investments. The most developed infrastructure is noted in Grenada; it is known that they launched promising development projects on the island of Carriacou.

Thus, it is possible to obtain Grenada citizenship through investing in tourist facilities. It brings a significant profit and opens the possibility of getting a passport, subject to certain conditions. Therefore, it becomes an ideal solution for those with much capital.    

What is Grenada’s Citizenship through Investment in detail?

This method has proven to be particularly attractive to wealthy investors. The goal of stimulating economic growth justified the creation of this program. Thanks to it, it is realistic to take advantage of all the pros it offers, particularly to become a citizen in the shortest possible time. And the requirements for this are minimal.

A lot of opportunities are open to you. Many people want to get involved to enjoy all the benefits of the Grenadian passport. Applying is easy; it takes a minimum of time. By choosing this country, you won’t go wrong! It’s the only one with a visa agreement with the United States. And that means you can go there to get an education, and subsequently a job, without any problems.

The program provides benefits not only to you but also to your family. Children, parents, siblings, and grandparents of the principal applicant are allowed to be included in the application. It is an excellent chance for the whole family to move to a new place and start life with a clean slate.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship through Investment

You can’t argue with the program’s benefits to your business and everyone involved. If you need an “alternate airfield” or more mobility or want to expand and strengthen your business, then the choice is obvious. Read on to learn more about all the Grenada citizenship benefits:

  1. High speed of processing – everything takes a maximum of four months. However, the time frame can be shortened if the application is prepared according to all the rules and the documents are sent on time and in the required quantity.
  2. You don’t have to sweat learning the language – it’s an advantage if you already know English. But if you have a problem with that, that’s okay. The candidate will not need to take a difficult and time-consuming test of history, customs, and traditions in English.
  3. Low investment threshold – to become a Grenadian passport holder, you do not have to freeze millions for five years. However, the minimum amount starts at $150,000.
  4. Residing in the country is unnecessary – you do not need to acquire residency to obtain and keep the special status. It is allowed to apply even from your home country.
  5. Loyalty – do not be afraid that you must give up the first if you get a second passport. This fact should be attributed to the advantages of Grenada citizenship. You can safely expand your opportunities and do business there or here.

According to research by Immigrant Invest expert Zlata Erlach, immediate family members can be included in an investor’s application. But, first, family members who are at least 18 years old undergo a rigorous background check; only then do they get what they want.


As you can see, this procedure’s list of key advantages is extensive. Acquisition of a share in a luxury hotel, a house with several bedrooms, and spacious apartments allows working and living in a new place. To get Grenada citizenship by investment, the applicant must be of legal age and show they have legal money. The investor’s and his dependents’ excellent reputation and health also act as necessary conditions in this case. And it is clear that no one should have any problems with the law, criminal records, or violations.

Numerous pros of the Grenada passport make it clear that it is not difficult to get it if you have the necessary capital and capabilities to implement the conceived plan. It is enough to have the help of a qualified specialist who will guide and advise you through the entire procedure.