Unique Promotional Merchandise Ideas for Your Company

Every company or brand will do a lot of things to promote their business or company. Many companies carry out their promotional activities through souvenirs or merchandise. Usually by providing souvenirs or merchandise with the brand or company logo printed on each souvenir and merchandise to their customers or clients.

Aside from being used as promotional media, merchandise is also often used at company events. Important events in public companies are usually followed by the distribution of merchandise. Merchandise is a type of product that has a wide variety of choices that are usually used as souvenirs at any event – including corporate events.

Even though companies need to budget a lot of expenses, choosing unique and appropriate merchandise will have many positive impacts whose value can exceed the cost of ordering the merchandise itself. But keep in mind to ensure that you get the best out of your investment when producing the merchandise, you should choose the most sought-after or effective promotional medium that can attract and be useful for people who receive it – or else, it will only end up at the nearest trash can because the people who receive it think that it is no use for them.

Here are some selections of merchandise that you can utilize to optimize your company promotions!

1.Reusable Water Bottle

Nowadays many people are starting to become more concerned about the earth, and thus trying to find a way to protect it better. One of the most effective ways is to avoid using plastic and prevent ourselves from buying a plastic-covered beverage. A water bottle is one of the worst contributors to the landfill. To avoid this, you can give reusable water bottles from www.myownwater.com as your company’s main merchandise.

Reusable water bottles as office merchandise can also be customized using the company logo as a way to also raise company brand awareness.

2.Power Bank

A power bank is an exclusive and up-to-date electronic merchandise that can be useful for everyone who receives it. The constant use of smartphones, causes a power bank to be needed so that everyone’s daily life won’t be disrupted with low-batt phones. Thus why, modern society generally cannot be separated from this one thing. Power banks, which are usually carried everywhere, are a good form of promotion for companies. With the addition of custom designs in the form of company logos and slogans.


A notebook is the kind of office merchandise that has many functions, especially for employees. Employees usually use this book as their personal notes. Thus, they will keep it close to them – and they also tend to carry it anywhere. Even though amid today’s technological advancements, notebooks are still considered to be used frequently and are not outdated. 

There are several sizes of custom notebooks that you can choose according to your needs. Choosing a leather-covered notebook will make your company merchandise look so fancy! To add more to the design, don’t forget to customize the cover with your company logo. 

4.Flash Disk

Electronic goods are one of the choices that are quite popular, especially in this current day. A flash disk is a technological device that may be used in almost all companies. The luxurious and exclusive impression that this merchandise brings, makes it one of the most favorite products. In addition to its highly-functional nature as a file storage tool, its minimalist shape also makes it easy for people to carry it around. 

5.Phone Accessories

There are many variants of cellphone accessories, ranging from cell phone cases to headsets, and even phone holders. As one of the most used things among people, giving phone accessories as company merchandise is a great idea. By giving this merchandise to your customers, they will definitely use it – and this can be a great way for you to improve your company’s brand awareness. 

Using promotional items such as souvenirs or merchandise is one of the most effective and very influential ways to attract consumer attention. Therefore company souvenirs are objects that must be provided and its role is very important in a company’s promotional activities.

But keep in mind, in this current time – it is important to be smart in choosing what kind of merchandise that will be hit or miss. Don’t choose any regular merchandise because you think that any choice will do and won’t make a difference. This is definitely wrong. To truly make the best out of your merchandise investment, you should choose highly-used items that will make a difference in people’s day-to-day activities.