What about women that Kagame has promoted to the key decisions making positions in Rwanda?


I took an initiative to call the so called women that Kagame has promoted to the key decisions making positions in Rwanda. I called the Speaker of the Rwandan Parliament Honorable Donatille Mukabalisa, the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion Madame Esperance Nyirasafari, the Minister of Health, Madame Diane Gashumba, Senator Marie Claire Mukasine a senator in the Rwandan Senate.

My aim was to find out their views in what is happening in my country Rwanda especially to the women. The government of Rwanda ,in its quest to clean the city of Kigali, it has gone out of its way to chess away the street vendors without putting into consideration the welfare of these women and men.Most of these street vendors are university graduates but there are no jobs for them,to earn a living they have to do street vending. These are people with very little capital less than 20$.

The government is using military and police to chess these vendors.In this fracas a number of women have lost their lives because of the gun wounds. The street children have been burnt to ashes in the city of Kigali by the town municipal council in the crusade of making kigali clean.

All these have happened under the watch of these women in the key decision making positions.

There is a problem at most hospitals in Rwanda where patients who can,t afford to pay the hospital bills are detained in the hospital with their patients.Mothers after giving birth,if they fail to pay the bills ,they are locked up with their babies.

The victims of all these acts are women,they are the ones who seat at the bed side of their patients.

Again no one was hearing the cry of these women, some of them have been locked up in the hospital over 2months sleeping on the floor with their babies.

So, all this promoted me to call these women and hear what they have to say.

Well, it was so shocking that they didn’t that this was happening.Some of them even asked me the evedence of which I gave.

Minister Gashumba Diane became very ruled ,but that did not dicourage me.

Esperance Nyirasafari, was very diplomatic though I wasn’t satisfied with her answer trying to divert from the many issue bringing in their so called égalité(uburinganire)which does not hold.

Donatile Mukabalisa completely ignored me,I spoke with her for about 3 minutes she told me to call her later of which I did but she never responded.i sent her messages on WhatsApp she read them ,but she never responded. She blocked me when I sent a second one with a link where Diane Rwigara,s family home was surrounded by Kagame,s body guards.

A woman like her who has feared to have a convasation with a simple lady like me, or she is too powerful to talk to me?? Days will tell.And where is humility then?? Yet they go round making noise that they listen to every citizen who knocks at their doors or indeed call them,they run an open door policy, lies and lies.their open door is to those who sing praises for them especially their master god Kagame.

Another thing which shocked me is that they all wanted to know who I am,who are you? What do you do? Where do you live?

Well, I told Minister Diane Gashumaba that I am just a village girl living in Norway , she asked me three times are you just a village girl,I responde proudely yes, I m a villager speaking for my fellow villagers who are suffering.

My conclusion is that Rwandans are not represented by these women,these are Kagame,s representatives.

People would ask me if I would want to see these women fired,my answer would be no, because anyone who will replace them will be just like them.what is needed to change is the whole system from top to the bottom.

Fellow Rwandans let us come together and get rid of the RPF system which is anchored on killing,abusing stealing and inflicting all kind of misery to Rwandans.

Together we can.

Finally To my elder sisters, i harbour no hate against you.I just can,t stand your incompetence,your lies, your negligence.

To Kagame and his make Kigali clean crusade.

Don,t chess those women and men from Kigali street, chess away that which has caused these our lovely people to be on the street. That which you need to chess away is poverty,not the poor.arrest the person who has brought poverty, begin by arresting yourself, you are the biggest culprit.