Zambia: Bagirishema Vincent burial

Survivors daughters Ishimwe Rosana and Ikuzwe Roswell planting a cross to the grave on their father late Vincent Bagirishema. and Mrs Clemence Bagirishema.

Bagirishema Vincent was born on Burundian parents that went to seek asylum in Rwanda in early 1972, he was born on 12 December 1972 and left Rwanda in 1994 in order to reach Zambia in 1997. He started trading in Kamwala, he moved to Kabwata and finally in Woodlands. He had a chance to undergo a CIPS course at ZAMIM and he married in 1998 with Clemence with whom he had 2 daughters.

On 24th December 2016, he was attacked by 2 gunmen while he was about to leave his shop situated at Plot 3 Off Buluwe road around 2050. He was rushed to UTH in order to die the following day around 1600. The post mortem revealed that he was shot twice in the chest and the back this destroyed the lungs, the kidney and the large intestines.

During his burial that was preceded by a church service at Mary Immaculate and attended by a large crowd made up of both non zambians and zambians , he was described by his neighbours at the person who “made life more comfortable to many”.

The shop and a blood pool where Magisterial felt.

Interviews with friends and eye witnesses.

The “body viewing” was too emotional.

Jean Mandela