Work in anticipation of an interesting, eventful weekend and meetings is always faster and easier.

We have worked a lot and hard – we have the right to have a rest. Let’s say so: score a full ride!

But, alas, the weather is quite capricious… forecasters have promised rainy weather in the coming week. We are at work on weekdays, let’s get over it. And what to do with the long-awaited weekend?

Picnics are not the option. Zoos and other parks will also be postponed until better weather.

And yet, despondency has no place in our today’s diverse and civilized life. There is something to your liking for everyone. It only takes someone’s desire!

Find an option best for You:

  • Watching movies – so many cool TV series have been released recently. Films for every taste and interest. Can be found for the whole family. For example: “Game of Thrones” – 60 hours of an exciting plot to watch. “Euphoria” will not leave you indifferent either. The story of the difficult life of adolescents will be especially instructive for parents.

For ladies, there is always a love-tearful melodrama. And then you can exchange opinions about what you watched.

  • You can play a table game. For example, cards, or dominoes. In this case – who has what. But we can go further. There is such a game “Monopoly”. Incredibly fascinating and, to some extent, instructive. Another game, called Alias, can be purchased in advance in a store. This game will successfully develop your intelligence and imagination. Finally, start mastering the game of backgammon. You know how to play chess, but not backgammon. And in vain … Backgammon appeared before chess and is no less interesting and reckless. You can try Medusa. If all of the above options is not for you, then just follow the link: Superboss casino. Perhaps you will find something that you lacked so much.

  • Or maybe you start learning a foreign language. The video tutorials of the Polyglot course can help you with this. Availability of lessons, ease of mastering will help you start speaking in English, German, French, Spanish and even Chinese. Do you have internet? Then it’s time to start!

We have offered you only 3 of the easiest and most affordable ways to spend your free weekend without despondency. But there are countless of them. Judge for yourself:

  • fitness 
  • home party-get-together with an improvisedconcert and competitions
  • finally learn to knit or sew
  • start reading an interesting book
  • make such a delicious dish that no one expected from you
  • read to children or play interesting outdoor games with them
  • put all your photos and photo albums in order
  • try TikTok
  • if you are a fan of stand-up or other comedy shows, just re-watch the early issues, it will be very funny
  • go online shopping
  • if there is a greenhouse in your city – it’s time to visit it, breathe oxygen
  • art galleries, exhibition halls, museums are waiting for you on weekends, especially since you have not been there for a long time, or have not been there yet.

After all, just walk in the rain. Dress warmly, take an umbrella. Remember how you ran barefoot through the puddles. And maybe take children with you for such an adventure?

A smile and a good mood are guaranteed! Everything is in your hands, there would be a desire.